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NOWICKI, Rozalia, South Side area, born 09/04/1857 died 02/05/1927
Spouse's surname WARZYNSKI. Contact

NICKLEs/NICHOLs, Margaret, ? - 1896 Elizabeth Twp., PA. spouse: Joseph
COPELAND contact

NEPERENY, Marcella, North Braddock, born 01/15/1875 died 03/20/52
Spouse's surname: HRABAK. contact

NEPERENY, Mary, North Braddock, born 08/20/1878 died unknown
Spouse's surname: LAIN. contact

NORRIS, Joseph E., born 05/21/1871, died 06/01/1906. Spouse's surname:

NORRIS, Enoch, born abt. 1865, died aft. 1920. Spouse's surname: JONES.

NORRIS, Ruth Ann, born 05/25/1851, died 12/21/1921 Spouse's surname:

Nepstad,Contact: (Sylvia)

O'DONNELL, Cornelius, East End area, born 02/02/1831 died 07/12/1903
Spouse's surname: OWENS. Contact:

OWENS, James, East End area, born 1780 died 06/05/1855
Spouse's surname: __?__ Contact:

OWENS, Catherine, East End area, born 1792 died 10/31/1877
Spouse's name: OWENS. Contact:

OTT, Peter 1814 France - 1884 Sharpsburg, PA. spouse Margaretha BECK

OFFE, Catherina b. abt 1870 d. unknown IA (after 1930)Spouses name:
Theodore OFFE (deceased prior to arrival here)Catherina came with four
children: Kathe, Johann, Carl, Theodore, JR Contact:

O'HAGAN, Walter Lawrence, Brookline area, born8/17/1882, died 10/31/1918,
Spouse surname: MILLER.Contact .

O'NEILL, Henry, Millvale area, born 12/26/1848 died 01/02/1922.
Spouse's surname: MOSS Contact:

PISIECKI, Anthony, South Side area, born abt 1894
Spouse's surname WARZYNSKI. Contact

PATTERSON, John Thomas b 1869 Pittsburgh d 1948 Pittsburgh m. WARNER, Annie
Catherine b 1871 PA d 1920 Pittsburgh. Contact:

PATTERSON, Annabelle b 1870 Pittsburgh d after 1920 m. LEPPER, Harry b 1869
PA d after 1920. Contact:

PATTERSON, John T b 1833 NY d 1896 Pittsburgh m. SILVIS, Catherine RIDDLE
b 1833 PA d 1898 Pittsburgh. Contact:

PATTERSON, Eliza Maria b 1839 NY or PA -d 1879 Allegheny Co, PA m.
1.SYLVIS, Frederick b 1831 PA d 1861 m 2. WALTON, Jacob b 1840 PA d 1894
Allegheny Co, PA. Contact:

PAINTER, Andrew Brown, dob Dec. 14, 1874, married: (1st) HAMILTON, Lydia;
(2nd) HAMILTON, Clara Rosetta. Contact:

PAINTER, James, dob May, 1851, married UNKNOWN, Maria. Contact:

POPICHAK, Pantelemon "Panko," Carnegie Area, born 06-15-1880 died
02-03-1952. Spouses' surnames: CHANAS, DRAGAN. Contact:

PARKINSON/PARKISON, Jane ? - Elizabeth Twp. Allegehy Co., PA. spouse:
COPELAND contact

PAYNE, Miles C. b. 1839 d. 1895 Wall Lake, Sac CO, IA Spouses name:
Aurelia MATTOCKS Contact:

PARSONS Abner, Washington County, born 1782 Spouse's surname Cadwallader

PARSONS Elenor Genevera, Knoxville, Turtle Creek, Perryopolis ,Iowa, born
January 1856 died 1926 spouse's surname Husted

PARSONS Joel Cadwallader, Washington County, Iowa, Pittsburgh,
Perryopolis,born 1814 died November 20, 1885 spouse Caroline Joachim

PARSONS Honora Christina, born Sept. 5, 1894 died Nov. 10, 1988 McDonald,
Sisterville, Va. Swissvale, Homestead, N.Braddock Braddock, spouse's surname

PARSONS George Ellsworth, Knoxville & Swissvale area born 1859 d. July 13,
1926 Spouse's surname: Masser

PATTERSON Elizabeth, born Feb. 29, 1964 died Dec.5, 1932 McDonald,
Sistersville, Homestead, Swissvale, Rankin, spouses surname Churchill

PRZEORSKI,Pawel(Paul), Polish Hill &South Side, born January 1863 died Jan
1918 Spouse's surname: KARCZEWSKA contact:

PARKS, Ellen Melinda, born 1844,-died 1920.
Spouse's surname: BRANT. Contact:

PARKS, Zebulon, born ca. 1812. Spouse's surname, ??, Nancy, born ca. 1812.

PARKS, Thomas J , Bradys Bend, Pa , Pittsburgh, PA b.08 October 1851 d 04
April 1922 Spouse's surname: BARE/BAIR CONTACT:

PILES, PYLE, David , Centre Co, Pa b. 26 January 1782 d. 30 March 1854
Spouse's surname: ? CONTACT:


QUINN, John Lawrenceville born 1894. Parents Richard Quinn and Roseann
Grant Quinn
Contact :

RIDDLE, Margaret b 1859 Indiana Co, PA - d after June 1940 Pittsburgh area.

RECKTENWALD/RECTENWALD - Nicholas, 1844 - 1939, m. BOLCH, Elizabeth,
1851 -1921 . Contact Joyce Shepet,

RACH, Frank Ferdinand, b. circa 1900 died early 1960s, Wilkensburg, Pa
Spouse's surname , BRENCKLE.. Contact:

RODMAN, THOMAS, Irwin area, born 09/13/1930 died 03/10/1995. Spouse's
surname: Heckman. Contact:

RIEHL, Peter Pius Squirrel Hill area b.07/11/1859 d.02/08/1906
GREB,Elizabeth b.02/18/1863 d.02/21/1931 Contact:

RADOSEVICH, Joseph Lawrenceville area b.?? d. 06/02/1958 SEDMACK,Barbara
Contact :

RUDZKI, Frank polish Hill area b.02/02/1885 d.10/18/1959 BORKOWSKI, lAURA
b.09/28/1891 d.01/08/1970 Contact:

ROSTEK, Rose Marie, born 11/07/1909 died 03/08/1985
Spouse's surname: McGOWAN. Contact

RUESS, Bertha, Glenshaw area, born 07/00/1889 died 1963.
Spouses surname GILCH Contact:

RUESS, Thomas J., Glenshaw area, born 11/00/1838 died 01/24/1925.
Spouses surname GLAWINSKI Contact:

RHINE, John Sr., born abt. 1839, died 04/28/1914. Spouse's surname: BELL.

RHINE, John Jr., born 11/09/1867, died unknown. Spouse's surname: UNKNOWN.

RHINE, Thomas Bell, born 12/24/1869, died 01/25/1930. Spouse's surname:

RHINE, George McConville, born 06/14/1872, died unknown. Spouse's surname:

RHINE, Dr. Samuel, born 06/19/1878, died 09/13/1962. Spouse's surname:

RYAN, Dennis, born abt. 1800, died bet. 1857-1860. Spouse's surname:

RYAN, Julia, born abt. 1838, died abt. 1916. Spouse's surname:

RYAN, Michael, born abt. 1842, died 02/21/1925. Spouse's surname:

RYAN, John D. Sr., born abt. 1842, died 09/23/1915. Spouse's surname:

RYAN, Daniel, born abt. 1845, died aft. 1880. Spouse's surname: UNKNOWN.

RYAN, Mary, born 1850, died 09/02/1894. Spouse's surname: RUSSELL.

RYAN, Sarah, born abt. 1854, died aft. 1920. Spouse's surname: GOOD.

RYAN, Kate, born abt. 1856, died abt. 1916. Spouse's surname: MCMANUS.

RYAN, William, born 06/04/1857, died 01/23/1936. Spouse's surname:

RYAN, Hannah, born abt. 1845, died 12/26/1919. Spouse's surname: RYAN.

RYAN, Patrick, born 03/27/1855, died 12/04/1900. Spouse's surname:

RYAN, John D. Jr., born abt. 1867, died unknown. Spouse's surname:

RYAN, Nellie R., born abt. 1872, died unknown. Spouse's surname: UNKNOWN.

RYAN, Mary Frances, born 02/02/1874, died 07/10/1911. Spouse's surname:

RYAN, George, born 02/26/1876, died 08/19/1904. Spouse's surname: UNKNOWN.

RYAN, William, born 05/14/1878, died unknown. Spouse's surname: UNKNOWN.

ROEMHILD, Heinrich, b. 17 Mar 1913, Barchfeld, Germany, immigrated to
Pittsburgh, PA by 1850, d. 27 Jan. 1876, Pittsburgh. Spouse's surname:

REIHNER, Jacob, Baldwin Twp. area, born 11/16/1840 died 01/12/1912.
Spouse's surname: MATTHIS Contact:

REYNOLDS, Mary Ann; buried at Allegheny Cemetery, died 2/24/1892. contact

RHODES, Mary, Euclid Ave, Dravosburg 1900's; son named David. contact

RISINGER, Smith; years after civil war to 1877; any reference to
Dobbs/Risinger Lumber Co, PIttsburgh. contact

SATLER, Katherine, East End area, born 1824 died 05/05/1912
Spouse's surname: FRANKHOUSE. Contact:

SATLER, Martin, East End area, born 1790 died after 1840
Spouse's surname: __?__. Contact:

SATLER, Sophia, East End area, born 1782 died 1864
Spouse's surname: SATLER. Contact:

SATLER, (John) Martin, East End area, born 1822 died 02/27/1884
Spouse's surname: EYRICH. Contact:

STANFIELD, Andrew, Duquesne area, born 03/15/1869, died 06/10/1930.
Spouse's surname: STRONGE. Contact:

SULLIVAN, Thomas; Pgh area, born about 1863 Tennessee
Spouse's name Margaret MOORE (1863 Scotland)

SULLIVAN, Rose born Nov. 1884 Pgh (also known as Rose MOORE)
SULLIVAN, Catherine Beatrice born Feb 1888; died about 1921 (also known as
MOORE or GARRITY) Contact:

SAPICH/SAVAGE, Stojan "Mike," Butler Area, born 09-25-1882 died 01-25-1938.
Spouse's surname: JACKULA. Contact:

SAMUEL BELL COURTNEY born Ireland 1861 - parents possibly James and
Margaret. Henrietta "Hettie" Holmes.

SAMUEL GRACE born in PA in 1839 but grew up in IN - parents Nimrod and Mary
Grace, wife Mary Graham.

SIMON, Francois Joseph 'Franch Joe' Alsace, France - Reserve Twp., PA.
spouse: Katharina contact

STAHL, Michael, Bedford Co., PA. - MD. spouse Esther KENSINGER contact

SEEGER, Johann Nicholas b. 09 JAN 1689 Richenback, Germany
Spouses name: Barbara BITSCH/BITCH Contact:

SEEGER, Johann Christian (Came to U.S. and settled in Pennsylvania in
b. 05 MAR 1676 Hoxehiel, Germany d. 16 SEP 1739 USA Spopuses name:
Elizabeth MEIRSTER Contact:

SEEGER, Johann Phillip (Came to U.S. and settled in Pennsylvania in 1737.)
b. 1686 Richenback Germany d. USASpouses name: Anna Catherine MILLER

SEEGER, Johann George b. 24 APR 1719 in Oldenwald, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
d. MAR 1737(?) Lancaster, PA Spouses name: Anna Maria CLOETIN/KLOETIN.

STEPHENSON, Joseph b. abt 1804 England d. 05 SEP 1875 IL Spouses
name: SophiaThey came from England with children: Joseph M, Josiah, Charles
E and Hellen Contact:

SEDMACK, Barbara b.04/21/1897 d.12/??/1985 RADOSEVICH

SELZER, Lorenz East Liberty area b.11/06/1814 d.07/04/1892 ? Christine
b.06/28/1819 d.12/29/1876

SCHILLING,Martin Lawrenceville area b.08/08/1834 d.01/28/1909 BLANK,
Katharina b.10/07/1860 d. 01/21/1919

SCHLANGER, Frank, born Aug.15, 1892 died July 1969 spouse name Rose unknown

SCHLANGER John Chester, born Jan. 13, 1889 Died March 1971, Braddock,
Swissvale, Irwin, Emmsworth, Brookline spouses surname Craig

SULLIVAN, Mary, born about 1873
Spouse's surname: McGOWAN. Contact

SCHETTGER, Helen, Sharpsburg area born 12/06/1855 died 11/03/1926.
Spouses surname GLAWINSKI Contact:

STOFFAL - Michael and Margaret STOFFAL contact

Slence/Slentz, Edmund Burke b.5/3/1816 Pine Creek, d. 11/20/1819 in

Slence/Slentz, Phillip 1/9/1787 York County, wife Nancy Garvin 1/28/1793 d.
5/10/1865 in Pittsburgh.

Slentz, Frederick Jacob 1758 7/21/1840 Columbiana County, Ohio.

Slentz, Edmund Burke, 1816-1889

STROBEL, Caroline, born 09/26/1845, died 08/05/1908. Spouse's surname:

STROBEL, Rosina, born 12/25/1856, died 01/06/1951. Spouse's surname:

STROBEL, George, born unknown, died unknown. Spouse's surname: UNKNOWN.

SHUTTINGER / SCHUETTINGER, Franz, b. 1816, d. 16-Jan-1875; Spouse: GEWALD,
Margaret, b. 19-Dec-1818, d. 06-Jan-1893; Contact:

SINGLER, Bernard, b. 1813, d. 1881; Spouse: BERGER, Frances, 1838-1925;

SULLIVAN, Jeremiah, South Side area; Spouse: ?, Prudence; Contact:

SULLIVAN, Cornellius, South Side area; b. abt. 1887-85, d. abt 1939; Spouse:
MURPHY, Anna Marie, b. 1878, d. 1926; divorced; Contact:

STEEN, James, b. ca. 1817, Ireland, immigrated to Pittsburgh, PA by 1860, d.
1882. Spouse's surname: DUNLAP. Contact

SAVAGE, R. M.; Pittsburgh area; born, unknown; died, unknown; Spouse: Sarah
Ray WILLIAMS. Contact

SAVAGE, Sarah Ray (WILLIAMS); Spouse: R. M. SAVAGE. Contact

STEVENSON, Norman Joseph Contact:


TOSSLER/TOPLER, Catherine [Katherina] - Reserve Twp., PA; Spouse Joseph
SIMON contact

TONER, Arthur, Pitt Township. born abt 1791 died 05/17/1854. Spouse's
surname: SCHRODE/SCHROED(ER). Contact:

TAYLOR, Ellen Rachel, Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co., born 02/11/1860.
Spouse's surname: ACHHAMMER. Contact:

THOMPSON, Mary Melinda, born VA, 07/11/1873, died 11/10/1946.
Spouses' surnames: (1) THOMPSON, (2) GOSLEY, (3) ROSSI. Contact:

THOMPSON, Charles, born ??, died 5/1903.
Spouse's surname: THOMPSON. Contact:

THOMPSON, Joseph Madison, born VA, ca. 1820.
Spouse's surname: GUY. Contact:

TRIMBLE, Thomas, b. 1756 E. Nottingham, Chester Co., PA. d 1806 Derry Twp.,
Westmoreland Co. Spouse: Elizabeth CROW, b abt. 1827, Westmoreland, d.
1827 PA. Contact:

THOMAS, Elmer and Fannie; wife's surname PFLUG; contact

John Treefelner, Allegheny City Area Born: 12/??/1850 Died: abt. 1916
Spouse's surname: Thompson Contact:



WARZYNSKI, John, South Side area, born 12/24/1855 died 09/01/1899
Spouse's surname NOWICKI. Contact

WUNDERLICH, John Nicholas, South Side area, born 07/14/1863 died 05/05/1908
Spouse's surname GOSSMANN. Contact

WINTER - Nicholas Henry, 1830 - 1878, m. EPPING, Christina Gertrud
Pittsburgh, 1836 - 1912. Contact Joyce Shepet,

Michael A. Wehner, Allegheny City Area Born: 05/25/1880 Died: 10/27/1953
Spouse's surname: Kozubal Contact:

Thomas Wehner, North Side Area Born: 10/14/1905 Died 08/21/1989
Spouse's surname: McBurney Contact:

WILLS, William A. Homestead. Born Cambria Co. 27 Aug 1863. Died 11 Dec 1916
Homestead. Spouse Margaret FOLEY. Contact:

WEBER, WEYEL/WILES/WEYLES, Sophia 1848 Germany - 1923 McKeesport spouse:
Peter CLINTNER contact

WOLF, Mary, born about 1884 Spouse's surname: ROSTEK. Contact

WEIGAND, Vincent, Sharpsburg area, born 01/00/1857 died 1902.
Spouses surname GLAWINSKI Contact:

WINWOOD, George, Eng1830 died ? Spouse's surname: CHELTON/CHILTON. contact:

WURPILLOT, Francis Xavier Joseph; Spouse: HETTIG, Catherine Philomena, b.
1838, d. ?; Contact:

WILLIAMS, Caroline (HUHN); Pittsburgh area; born 08 Dec 1828, in either
Saxony, Germany; died 15 Aug 1893, place unknown; buried in Hometown
Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA; Spouse: William E. (Edward) WILLIAMS. Contact

WILLIAMS, Annie M.; Pittsburgh area; born 13 or 14 Mar 1863 in Phillipsburg,
PA; died 01 Feb 1900 in Pittsburgh, PA; buried in Homewood Cemetery,
Pittsburgh, PA. Contact

WILLIAMS, William Edward; born 1800-1830 in Wales; died unknown; buried
unknown; Spouse: Caroline (HUHN). Contact

WITHROW, John Dempsey, Cook Township, Westmoreland Co, born 03/1844, died
02/28/1915.Spouses' surnames: (1) LISLEY, (2) SEATON. Contact:

WITHROW, Morgan Robert, Harold, Cook Township,Westmoreland Co, born
9/11/1879, died Sep 1970. Spouses' surnames: (1) BRANT, (2) ??, Olive P.

WINOWIECKI / WINOWIESKI - Ignatious Enoch - m. Antonia "Tillie" KOLLATHA

WALSH, John, born in Ireland in 1845 & died in SD ???. spouses surname:
FOGARTY. Contact:

WILBURT, Johannes, Baldwin Twp. area, born @1828.
Spouse's surname: HAAS Contact:

Wukoya, Anthony , Northside b ? d. 30 January 1967 CONTACT:

Johanna Wetchter, Allegheny City Area Born: ??/??/1860 Died: bef. 06/01/1900
Spouse's surname: Wehner Contact:



YOUNG, Clyde Robert, dob approx. 1883, married to KELLAWAY, Laura.

ZOELLE, Marcellus, Troy Hill, born 1/1844 died 1931.
Spouse's surname: SPITZNAGEL. Contact:

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