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From: "Peggy Ann Vipond" <>
Subject: Re: [OE] spell checker on Outlook Express
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 19:30:33 -0700
References: <008d01c35f8f$9a923120$d7ddfea9@apartment> <002201c35f9a$58525960$0b0c1818@twcny.rr.com> <000f01c35f9c$c561e550$d7ddfea9@apartment> <000c01c35fac$ecb38ef0$6b4118d8@GLeeTwo>

When OE is working correctly it will just check every e-mail by itself when
you click send. It seems OE couldn't find the file it needed to check
spelling as I have it set up to do under Tools-options-spelling.

Thanks for the f7 check tho as I can use it when I know that the word is
wrong but don't know the correct spelling before I get the e-mail finished.


> In OE 6 you can highlight the word in question and hit f7 for a spelling
check. It will then check the whole document if you wish.

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