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From: Marcia Johnson <>
Subject: [OSTFRIESEN] Schuler family
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 10:25:24 -0500
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Adding to Brian's information - after Gerd died, Hiemke married his
brother, Toenjes (b. about 1848) on 18 September 1897 in Iroquois
County. Toenjes was married previously and had a son Imy who married
a Theesfeld. If you can follow all this, you are doing good!!

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>From: Brian Bauman <>
>Subject: Re: [OSTFRIESEN] Schuler - More information from a 2000
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>And to continue from 12 years ago... :)
>Gretje and Johann Eimers Schueler had a son, Gerd Remmers Scheuler(*1843).
>Gerd married Hiemke Theesfield(sp?).
>Their daughter, Etta(*1878)? married my gr-grandmother's brother,
>Fred Ommen(*1872).
>My FTM says Fred Ommen is the uncle of husband of grand niece of
>Johann Eilts.? Whew!
>Brian Bauman

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