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From: Meg Greenwood <>
Subject: Re: [ORKNEY] Charles Campbell, Kirkwall c.1841
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2009 19:39:13 -0500
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My recent visit to the local FHC is timely, as I did just now view this
census page. Its dim, but completely readable, I've seen much worse
from ScotPeeps before. This does indeed say GRANDSON.

Peter is the head of the household, a Cattle Dealer. Catherine is his
wife. The 2 females are given as Daughters and both are straw plaiters
and Charles is definitely a Grandson. The LEARMONTH girl is a Daily
Servant listed as a Boarder, and probably related to the next door
neighbor, also a LEARMONTH. I compared the actual census with the
transcription from Ancestry and its right for all information except for
spelling. The surname and some city names in Caithness are 'mistookenly

There was no notation saying that anyone at the residence was Charles's

And I'll give the transcriber some credit, this writing fully looked to
be SIMLAIR even though they probably new what it was. I'd be wondering
what to do if I was transcribing it....however its plainto see by
reading other names on the page that this enumerator made his small C
with no curve. The best writing showed 2 separate letters so it was
seen as SINILAIR with no dot on the letter i [that was really a C], the
worst showed what clearly looked to be one letter....so they submitted
SIMLAIR. However, we know it wasn't intended to be that.

Will send this census image to anyone who requests it.....MegG in OK

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