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From: "Hank Stuebing" <>
Subject: Re: [ORIGINAL-13] Johannes Bleijckers/Bleickers/Blaker
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 07:46:41 -0400
References: <1977C726DEFE2046BF3FEFE3A41FA3B8991834@tucexch.vpn.mmsi.com>

Thanks to both for answering my email.

I'm working on an in-depth study of Johannes Bleijckers
from 1680 to about 1730. He seems to be the only
Krefelder that came to Bucks County, at least in that
time period.

One item that I'm having trouble with is the name of his
wife, which some state was "Rebecca", the mother of
the five children. So far, I can't find any documentation
to back this up.

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.

Hank Stuebing

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