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From: "Janice M. Healy" <>
Subject: Re: [GFO] CastleGarden.org
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 07:47:08 -0700
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>The new website for the Castle Garden (New York) passenger arrivals is now
>online. I does not appear that it is yet complete, though. So keep checking
>You'll find it at www.castlegarden.org
>There appears to be available a quick search (for free), or an advanced
>search (for a charge).
>The advanced search allows you to narrow down the results by dates, etc.
>Color me shocked to learn the advanced search has a fee of $45. Yikes!
>I suggest everyone try the quick search!
>Julie Kidd
>List Administrator, ORFORUM

Thanks Julie, for the heads up on the cost. This makes Ancestry.com
look cheap. I am assuming this is for one person per charge. Yiks is
all I can say as I have a whole raft of folks to look for that I have
found their ships etc. on. What new can one learn at Castle garden I
wonder? I will most definitely do the quick search.

Again thanks for the warning,

Janice M. Healy
Co-compiler of "Oregon Burial Site Guide"

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