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Hey did you hear of any fights at the tavern in the 1830's? I have a story
about one where a Stephenson got into a fight with a guy and thought that he
had killed him. He ran home, loaded the new wife, Elizabeth, who was
recently widowed from a Cherry man who we have not learned about but are
very eager to, all the family goods and two boys, Henry and Andrew Jackson
Cherry into the wagon and headed for GA. They passed through GA where the
Stephenson man died. They then heard that the man had lived. The family
moved on to Early Co, GA where Henry and Andrew Jackson fell in love with
two sisters, Polly and Roseanna Jane Sheffield. The boys and mom went on to
Walton Co, FL. She learned that she was to receive her inheritance from her
now deceased father, a Robinson, from Orangeburg. We have not made the
connection as yet. You know Orangeburg records from 1800 to 1850. Well,
the postmaster in Walton Co, stole the money. They put him on trial and he
was convicted, but when he heard the verdict, he jumped out the window
trying to escape. However, he had forgotten that he was on the second floor
and he fell to his death. The money was never found.

If anyone has heard of this story about the tavern and other stuff, I would
really appreciate you giving me a holler over here in Talladega, AL.


Cal Campbell

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Dear Orangburghers -

I need help trying to reconstruct information re the "Ruples Tavern"
(Mills' Atlas 1820) and any public or private estate sale
concerning it in the latter 70s or 80s. This property was located on the
Charleston Highway SE of Orangeburg near Bethel

Methodist Church Cemetery (where some Ruples are buried) I understand
that John Henry Platt, Jr. and his wife were killed

In an auto accident and their children raised, perhaps by grandparents.
I would like any help possible re the following:

1. Date of death of John Henry Platt RUPLE , Jr. and his wife in auto
accident in the 70s or 80s

2. Whether an estate was opened and when

3. If so, whether: an estate inventory was prepared; a public sale had
(which I heard was conducted); and who purchased items in the estate

4. If anything of historical or family value was preserved from this
estate (Bibles, German/Swiss artifacts, etc)

5. Any information regarding this estate property which, I understand,
involved the realty owned originally

By the Swiss immigrants, Martin Ruple or son John J. Ruple, or both

6. Information regarding the children, by whom they were raised, and
their present whereabouts

7. Information on any family Bible records that are still extant

8. Whether any cemetery listing has preserved the inscriptions on
tombstones in the old private Ruple/Ayers cemetery
Nearby in a field (not the church cemetery)

9. Names of any researchers who are related to the family and how so

If responders feel any information might be too personal please respond
to me privately -

I know there are several families who knew the Ruple family and were in
some way related, and it appears to me that John Henry Platt, Jr. may
have lived on the old homestead until his death in an auto accident. I am
Info for a supplementary Ruple family book and would like to be as
thorough as possible in information gathering.

Thanks so much

Jack Ruple, Sr.

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