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The available early censuses do not provide enough information to be certain
that Solomon Bolton was the father of Spencer Bolton, rather than an older
brother. In 1800, Solomon Bolton had children born 1774<84, while the
oldest (in-household) child of Spencer Bolton was born 1784<90. Both had
children born 1790<1800. Either relationship is possible. Both had
moderately large families in 1790, but the census categorization of "All
other free persons" did not sort males into age groups of 16+ vs. younger.

Solomon and Spencer Bolton marked their names on a 1794 petition of
Georgetown District residents who objected to paying the recently-imposed
poll tax on "free Negroes, Mustees and Mulatoes". A copy of the petition is
online at The family was
enumerated as white, and presumably not taxed, in Orangeburgh in 1800,
Spartanburg in 1810 and Greenville in 1820, but considered Mulatto again in
Hamilton Co TN in 1860. Other members of the triracial communities
centering around the Cheraws and Pee Dee regions of northeastern SC and
adjoining sections of Anson/Bladen/Robeson Co NC were also assigned random
categorizations that varied from one census to another.

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>From a quick look at the census records you mentioned, I'd say that Solomon
was possibly Spencer's father. He is 45 or older in the 1810 census whereas
Spencer was 26-44. They were both living in Orange Parish at that census as
you noted. They seem to have been in the area of Middlepen Swamp at that
census, though. If you look at a modern map of Orangeburg County, Middlepen
Swamp runs parallel to US 301 going from Orangeburg to I-26.

Spencer purchased the land on Goodland Swamp from Isaac Dykes in Dec 1806
(after Solomon died???). He sold it in March 1807, though, to Jeremiah
Ainsworth, so he apparently did not stay there very long. As the census
shows, he was in Spartanburg District by 1810. Goodland Swamp flows into the
South Fork of the Edisto River just east of the town of Springfield in
Orangeburg County.

Orangeburg County lost all of its courthouse records, including deeds, in
the Civil War. The two deeds mentioned above were in the possession of a
private individual but have been microfilmed and are available at the South
Caroliniana Library in Columbia. They have also been abstracted in SC
Magazine of Ancestral Research, vol. 8, p. 137.

My opinion on where Solomon and Spencer were living at the 1810 census is
based on my mapping work with Orangeburgh District land records. I recognize
some of their near neighbors in that census as living in the vicinity of
Middlepen Swamp.

I hope this is of some help,

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I am searching for information on a Spencer Bolton. He is seen in the 1790
Census of SC along with a Solomon Bolton at Georgetown, St Georges Parish. I
am trying to establish the relation between them. Were they father and son
or brothers. By 1800 Spencer was in Orange Orangeburg District. On Dec. 11,
1806 he sold 230 acres to Isaac Dykes. The land was Adj. Joe Cooper and
bounding on Goodland Swamp. By 1810 Spencer was living in Spartanburg
District SC. I have not found Solomon after Orangeburg, also Spencer named a
son after him. Where is Goodland Swamp. How can I find out when it was
purchased also get a copy of that deed and when it was sold. I am searching
for Spencer's two wives names. I feel one may of died at or near Georgetown,
the other in Spartanburg District.
I would appreciate any help given.

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