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From: "J. Brian Gilchrist" <>
Subject: [ONTARIO] FIPPA & Cemetery Act (Revised)
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 22:18:09 -0500
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With respect to Mike's comments let me say that many cemeteries (and their
staff) are not into servicing genealogy enquiries. To be perfectly honest if
it is an active cemetery their priority is to service the urgent "at need"
funerals. So yes, it seems that a very few cemeteries may be using the
"privacy" concerns when in fact FIPPA allows for access. Many people might
be citing it in ignorance, simply thinking :Oh, that would be an invasion of
privacy" and so "we" / "I" don;t want to get in trouble so I will not allow
it ... "

However ... the Freedom of Information & Protection of Personal Privacy
Act, R.S. O. 1990, Chapter F.3 - Part II Freedom of Information, Access to
Information - EXEMPTIONS
Personal privacy

21. (1) A head shall refuse to disclose personal information to any person
other than the individual to whom the information relates except,

(d) under an Act of Ontario or Canada that expressly authorizes the

As I have stated in my previous message the Ontario Cemeteries Act (Revised)
expressly authorizies the keeping of a public register.


J. Brian Gilchrist

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From: "Mike More" <>
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Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 7:04 PM
Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Access to Ontario Cemetery records

> Thanks, Brian. I suspect that a few cemetery staff may be using "privacy"
> as
> an excuse to chase away us pesky genealogists. My only experience with
> staff
> was both extremes. I visited one cemetery who were more than helpful,
> bring
> out the ledgers and drawing me a map; a couple of hours later and a few
> miles down the road, I was just in the way while he tried to work around
> the
> cemetery. That was a few years ago, so both those3 fellow may in fact be
> inhabiting their respective cemeteries now :-)
> Mike More

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