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From: "J. Brian Gilchrist" <>
Subject: [ONTARIO] Elizabeth Hayes & Peel County
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 22:33:46 -0500
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Hello Ms Lewis: I have several questions for you to ponder, if you have not
already done so.

1. Is Elizabeth an only child? If not what happened to her siblings? Did
they come to North America?
2. When did her parents die in relationship to one another? Was there a
Guardian appointed?
3. What makes you think she came right to Canada West? Could she have gone
to relatives in others parts of North America?
4. Who were the witnesses to her marriage in 1863?
5. Have you contacted the Region of Peel Archives, checked the William
Perkins Bull collection etc.,
6. Was she baptised a Methodist in England? If so who were her
Sponsors/Godparents and what role would they have had in raising the childn
/ children after the death of the parents?
7. If she was a convert to Methodism have you checked for any notices about
her marriage and or death in any of the Methodist newspapers?
8. What happened to the family of Marucie and Elizabeth?
9. What newspapers have you check for death notices, obituaries, etc.
10. Did she and Morris / Maurice celebrsate a special wedding anniversary,
i.e. 40, 50 0r 60??? Was that Annoiversary written up in the media of the
day as such stories often talking about the "coming to America" and how the
couple met.
I have other questions and could continue but should give you time to
respond ... and see where we go from there ....

When you are finished writing your story, since Peel County is involved, the
Reference Library at The Region of Peel Archives would very much like to
have a copy - please and thank you! {It so happens that I am the Reference
Archivist for the Region of Peel Archives)

Good night ,,,
J. Brian Gilchrist

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From: "Barbara Lewis" <>
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Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 9:39 PM
Subject: [ONTARIO] Last chance for help on Elizabeth Hayes

>I have been on this list since it began and have received so much help on
>my other lines. I am now finally writing up the story on my ggrandmother,
>Elizabeth Hayes and will then close the book on her life and move onto
>other projects. I have her life in England up to 1851 and then she shows
>up married in Cooksville, Peel county, in 1863. I have the rest of her
>life from then on.
> In other words, what I need to find out is what happened to her after
> finding her in the 1851 census of England (Staffordshire) and before she
> married in Cooksville in 1863.
> I’ve tried so hard to find her in the 1861 census of Ontario. Her parents
> were both deceased back in England and I want so badly to know who brought
> her to Canada and where they lived.....it was between 1851 and 1863. I
> even transcribed the entire 1861 census of Toronto Twp for the Genweb
> Census project, hoping to find Elizabeth there. All I have is her
> marriage certificate from the Methodist Church in Cooksville where she was
> married to Maurice Collins.
> My question...is there any other place I can look to find any other
> record of her in Ontario that would help he to know
> #1...who she was living with when she came into Ontario
> #2 where they were living. I would love to be able to add this
> information to the story I am writing.
> Hoping someone might help me to know where to look next....
> Barbara Lewis
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