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From: "Jon's FH" <>
Subject: [ONTARIO] John MILKINS, death in Ontario 1914
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 18:28:22 -0000
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Hi everyone,

I wonder if someone can help me here?

I've been helping a friend research his family surname of MILKINS and this entry found on the familysearch.org is of particular interest, yet confusing.

Ontario Deaths,1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947
John Milkins
Birth: 1836 England
death: 15 Feb 1914 Chatham, Kent, Ontario
parents: James Milkins, Prudence Bolt

Firstly, the age of John is spot on with my friend's ancestor. He was indeed born in 1836 in Somerset, England.

Now the confusion kicks in. In 1860, he married Prudence Bolt in Bristol. My friend has a copy of the marriage certificate, and the index has also been found on familysearch. His father was William, not James, and his wife was Prudence Bolt, not his mother.

I have tried finding him on passenger lists but so far to no avail. He appears in the 1911 census with Prudence, then Prudence dies in 1913 in Bristol. There is no death index of a John Milkins in the Bristol area, and the entry above would seem to fit very nicely, other than the mix up with the apparent parents names.

Is anyone able to check this particular death index to see if it has been wrongly transcribed on the familysearch site please? It states on familysearch that no images are available.

Very many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions that can be given.

Very best wishes,


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