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From: "Glen Johnson" <>
Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Special license
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 21:23:57 -0300
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According to my information, John Pinkney died in 1888 at age 74, which
would put his birth about 1814, so he would be at least 20 in 1835. Tamar
was baptised on Nov 7 1815. The 1901 census says she was born Dec 25 1813,
however, her older sister was born in February 1813, so I think that she was
actually born Dec 25 1814. Thus, she was also 20 at the time of her

Tamar's sister Susanna was also married in the same church in 1932 and she
was only 19 at the time. In her case, her marriage was merely "by licence".

Sister Elizabeth was also married in the same church in 1834 at age 16 by
"special licence".

Glen Johnson

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada


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Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Special license

Hi , sorry I can't answer the quest. but - Perhaps if the
Bride.Groom were under age - there would need to be a special licence ??

In one of my research - in the early 1960's - special permission was
needed. although the bride was 20 years old - and being married in
August [she was a teacher ] and would turn 21 in September .

Cheers, Stella

At 03:40 PM 18/09/2011, you wrote:
>John Pinkney married Tamar Johnson "at St James Anglican Church,
>Toronto, July 9, 1835 by special license.
>What do they mean by "special license". I thought only the
>Archbishop issued such a license?
>Ross Irwin

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