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Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Gillan
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 00:14:12 -0700
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The Robert Gillan, wife Grace, kids Mabel & Charles, family that you
found on the 1881 census is NOT the same Robert Gillan family that you
found on the 1891 census in Muskoka. Robert & Grace and kids moved to
Minnesota and are enumerated on the census there in Duluth, MN. There
were 2 Robert Gillan/Gillen, note spelling, families. One married
Grace and the other married Eva Marie Adams.

Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1911

Muskoka District, Division of Monck

Name: Mabel Gillen
Date of Birth: 24 Nov 1878
Gender: Female
Birth County: Muskoka District
Father's name: Robert Gillen, farmer, Lot 15, conc 12, Monck Twp.
Mother's name: Grace Tabitha Holdetch
Archives of Ontario Microfilm: MS929_34 Reg. #018570

On the delayed birth reg for John Wellington Gillan, born Dec 27, 1897
in Muskoka District, it says his parents were married in Toronto on
Feb 9, 1874 and that those parents were Robert Thomas Gillan, farmer
at Walkers Point, Ontario, and Eva M. Adams. I could not find a
marriage registration for Robert & Eva, on any date. May not have
been registered. Someone has posted a different year of marriage for
Robert & Eva, Feb 9, 1870, not 1874, on Ancestry. John Wellington
Gillan's delayed birth reg is #901561 and the declaration was made by
Eva, Mrs. Robert Thos Gillan on May 21, 1918 and she resides at
Walkers Point, Wood Twp., Muskoka. The declaration was made at
Bracebridge. It is also stated on this 1918 delayed birth reg that
Robert Thomas Gillan is now deceased but I found no Ontario death reg
for him.

Here is the list of birth registrations that came up in Muskoka
District where the father was Robert Gillan or Robert Gillen, note
spelling of Gillen. There were 2 Robert's note the dates of birth,
Martha Gillan was born Mar 19, 1881 to Robert & Eva GillAn, while
Robert Henry James GillEn was born June 20, 1881 to Robert & Grace
GillEN, note spelling difference:

Ontario Births:

Martha Gillan 19 Mar 1881 Female Muskoka District Robert Gillan Eva Adams

Emily Gillan 1 Feb 1883 Female Muskoka District Robert Gillan Eva Adams

Eva Marie Gillan 24 Feb 1885 Female Muskoka District Robert Gillan Eva Adams

Violet Gillan 1 Jul 1891 Female Muskoka District Robert Gillan Eva Adams

James Bruce Gillan 6 Apr 1895 Male Muskoka District Robert Gillan Eva
Maria Adams

John Wellington Gillan Gillan Dubord 27 Dec 1897 Male Muskoka
District Robert Thos Gillan Dubord Eva M Adams

Mabel Gillen 24 Nov 1878 Female Muskoka District Robert Gillen Grace
Tabitha Holdetch

Robert Henry James Gillen 20 Jun 1881 Male Muskoka District Robert
Gillen Grace Isabtha Holditch**

And that last child died:

Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1936 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947
District of Muskoka, Division of Monck

Name: Robert Henry James Gillen
Death Date: 21 Apr 1882
Death Location: Muskoka
Age: 11 months & 1 day
Gender: Male
Cause: Disease of spine, 2 months
Birth Location: Lot 16 Con 12 Tp Monck
Informant: Robert Gillen, Monck Twp.
Archives of Ontario Microfilm: MS935_31 Reg. #011593

The birth reg's for the children born to Robert & Eva Marie Adams
GillAn, were all delayed registrations and say that their nearest post
office at the time of birth was Gravenhurst, or Muskoka Twp in Muskoka
District. The 2 for Robert & Grace Gillan's children were in Monck
Twp., Muskoka District.

I can't find an 1881 census entry for the Robert & Eva Gillan family
so they may have been missed when the enumerator came around or they
were in the US working or....

Whoever linked the 1881 census for Robert & Grace in Monck Twp.,
Muskoka and the 1901 census on automatedgenealogy for Robert & Eva in
Wood Twp., Simcoe County really should not have done so as it appears
there were 2 different families with 2 different surname spellings and
different wives, children.

Also on the delayed registrations for the children of Robert & Eva,
they declare that Robert was born in Montreal and that Robert was a
lumberman. The Robert who married Grace was born in Ontario.

Eva's death:

Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1936 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947

District of Muskoka, Div of Medora & Wood Twp.

Name: Eva Maria Gillan
Death Date: 15 Jun 1926
Death Location: Muskoka
Age: 73
Gender: Female
Born: Oct 6, 1852
Birth Location: England
Marital: Married
Father: ____ Adams, born England
Mother: _____, born England (no name given)
Informant: John W. Gillan, son, Barlochan
Burial: Gravenhurst, June 17, 1926
Cause: Myocarditis
Archives of Ontario Microfilm: MS935_338 Reg. #023669

Robert & Eva are on the 1901 census:


1901 Census of Canada Page Information
District:ON SIMCOE (East/Est) (#113)
Subdistrict:Medora & Wood D-6 Page 1
Images are from National Archives Web Site
Details:Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6495

Gillan Robert T. Male Head M Jan 31 1852 QU
Gillan Eva F Wife M Oct 9 1854 ENG
Gillan Eva F Dau S Feb 26 1885
Gillan Violet F Dau S Jul 1 1891
Gillan James M Son S Apr 6 1895
Gillan John M Son S Dec 27 1897

The children born earlier than daughter Martha to Robert & Eva Marie
Adams Gillen do not appear to have had their births registered as I
found no Ontario birth reg's, either done at the time of birth nor as
delayed birth reg's.

I also found an 1850 baptism for a Robert Thomas Gillen at Notre Dame
Basilica, Montreal, but it is too faint to read and is in French as
well. I can't make out the dates of birth, baptism or the parents'
names but if you want me to email it to you, I will and perhaps you
can make it out. Let me know if you want it.

Marg in Sunny Alberta

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 6:00 PM, Susan Fowler <> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> In the 1881 census I have Robert Gillan 29 with wife Grace 23 and Mabel J 2 and
> Charles 1.
> Then in 1891 Robert Gillan is 38 his wife is now Eva 36 and the children are
> Sarah 17, Agnes 16, George 14, Fanny 12, Martha 10, Emily 8, Eva 6, Robert 2.
> I have found a marriage for Robert Gillan to Grace Holditch, but I think she
> must have died as when I find the marriage's of the children the mother is
> listed as Eva Marie Evans?
> Can anyone find a death or marriage?
> Thanks
> Susan
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