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Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Historical Atlas LOOK UP SHER symbols help
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 23:20:06 -0500
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Thanks Marg;
Looking at the map I find names I found from other help.
Peter MacCorquodale married Sarah Smith July 17, 1849
Peter and Sarah had a dau Sarah b 1850 narried Malcom McDonald in 1870
son of Hugh and Flora Mcdonald.
They may had another not sure. Then Peter married Sarah Unknown . When
Sarah, Peter dau died in 1922 her mother was mentioned as Marion.
Peter MacCorquodale 1st wife, Sarah, died May 20 or 26 1853 She is
buried in St. Amdrews,
South Eldon Cemetery With her Father, Gilbert Smith d March 18, 1846.
90yrs and her mother,
Martha unknown d July 15, 1873. Is Gilberts father buried there too.
On the map I see 2 Cemeteries Which was Eldon south Cemetery.
Neil Mcdonald son of Hugh & Flora narried A Alpine There is also a
connection with the McEachern.
I was trying to find my information about Neil Mcdinald.


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Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Historical Atlas LOOK UP SHER symbols help


The Atlas was published in 1881. Were your families already in the US by

I looked on the 1851 Eldon, Victoria Co census and on the agricultural
census Peter was on Concession 2, East half of Lot 3.

The only Hugh McDonald that I found on that 1851 census was 12 years
old, son of Alex, age 37 & Christie, age 29, McDonald who lived on
Concession 5, Lot 8. Neal McDonald was on the next lot, 7.

In the 1881 Atlas, there is no one shown on Peter's lot number and "A.
McDonald" appears to be the owner of Lot 7 Conc 5, from what I can
see. You can look at the map here:


bottom left quadrant.

The Roman numerals running sideways are the Concession numbers and the
arabic numerals running vertically are the Lot numbers. Find both
Conc 5, Lot 7 and Conc 2 Lot 3 to see where they are in relation to
one another.

>From the Atlas:

Full record for McDonald, A.
Last Name McDonald
First Name A.
Dates b. 1818
Nativity Inverness, Scotland
Business Farmer
Year Settled 1842
Post Office Lorneville
Township Eldon
County Victoria
Atlas Date 1881

Concession and Lot Lot size
V, 7 200

Marg in Sunny Alberta

On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 6:30 AM, WEST <> wrote:
> I am loking for land owened by Hugh Mcdonald and Peter
> MacCorkindale/McCorkindale
> They lived in Eldon, Victoria North, Ontario, est from 1840 to after
> 1870
> Peters wife died abt 1853. Did they live close?
> Hughs son Malcom and Neil married and moved to Michigan.
> Thank you for your help.
> Paul
> in Michigan USA

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