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From: Catt <>
Subject: [ONTARIO] Francisco/Bow, Francisco/McMorris or Morrison,St. Joseph's Cemetery, Highland Creek, Ontario, Canada
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 14:56:48 -0400

Is there a Cemetery Record at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Highland Creek near
Morrish Rd. in Scarborough, Ontario, which might list the Francisco/Bow or
Francisco/McMorris members who might be buried there?

John Francisco and Jane Bow (nationality?) were the parents of Jeremiah Francisco
of New York, USA.
Jeremiah Francisco married Bridget Mary McMorris or Morrison (born in Ireland),
daugher of Bridget Christy and Joseph McMorris in Scarborough, Ontario in 1863

If there is a Cemetery walker who could send me the information of who is buried
there and the dates or monument inscriptions, I would really appreciate your help.


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