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Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Who is Richard Park died 1894 in Newmarket???
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 20:09:43 -0700 (PDT)
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This Richard Green Park was born in 1862 in Wilberfoss, Yorkshire. He died in 1924 in Ontario and his full name of Richard Green Park is used on the death registration and he is shown as 63 years old.

I know that the 2nd marriage of Richard shows his middle name as Graham instead of GREEN, but this was an error, possibly on the part of the clerk. The marriage registration of Richard PARK to Margaret ABERCROMBIE shows his parents as Thomas PARK & Catherine GRAHAM, but in fact his parents are Thomas PARK & Catherine GREEN. It also shows he was born in Wilberfoss which is correct.

There are 5 children born to Richard PARK & Margaret ABERCROMBIE. In all cases they show the parents as Richard Green PARK & Margaret ABERCROMBIE. There is one other child whose registrations shows Richard's middle name as Graham. But I am sure it is GREEN.

--- On Sat, 9/25/10, Brian Gilchrist <> wrote:

> Janet: Me thinks that Richard Parks
> who died in Newmarket on Sept. 20, 1894 aged 55 years, born
> in Yorkshire, England is your man ... and hence this can not
> be the same Richard Park who married in 1897.
> Cheers!
> J. Brian Gilchrist
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> Subject: [ONTARIO] Newmarket Cemetery
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> > Hi Everyone
> >
> > We have an Eva NOBLE who married Richard Green PARK in
> Yorkshire and then emigrated to Canada.  Could never
> find any info, that is until today.  I find a birth of
> a child Catherine Gertrude Park in 1887 to Richard Green
> Park and mother being Eva Noble.  In the Newmarket
> area.  Child dies the following year.  Cannot find
> a death of Eva PARK anywhere on the ancestry Ontario
> deaths.  I find a 2nd marriage of Richard PARK in 1897
> to Margaret Abercrombie.  However, Richard's middle
> name is shown as Graham instead of GREEN, but I know it is
> him as his middle name is shown correct on births of
> children to 2nd wife.
> >
> > I checked the OCFA database for an Eva PARK and came
> up with no hits. Then I checked just PARK under Newmarket
> and lo and behold I got 9 hits for
> PARK.   One of them is the daughter Catherine
> Gertrude PARK and sure enough there is Eva PARK.  Not
> sure why the info does not come up when I enter Eva's name.
> >
> > Does anyone know anything about Newmarket
> Cemetery?  Is it a big cemetery? Are there any MI's for
> this cemetery?  On the OCFA, the only reference shown
> is YK-.  Would anyone have any idea of how I could find
> any additional info on this cemetery?  It is about an
> hour away from me, but I would go there if I thought I may
> be able to find the stone.  But not sure how big it
> is.  If anyone is familiar with this cemetery and could
> give me some info, I would appreciate it.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Janet

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