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From: Catt <>
Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Ann ? (Hueston?) Crandle,born 1814 to 1816 somewhere in Ireland to Toronto, Canada
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 01:10:47 -0400

Ann ? Crandle, born 1814 somewhere in Ireland to Toronto , Canada. I do not think that the Ann Hueston link above is my family.

In 1804 a William Crandall of German extraction, was born in 1804 in USA. He was on the 1871 Census of Canada in Scarborough Twp.
York County, Ontario, Canada. Probably a Loyalist?

This William Crandall was married to an Ann ? born in Ireland in 1816.
William Thomas Crandall and Ann ? Crandall, had a son William JOHN Crandall born in 1851 in the USA ? somewhere. He married Jane
John had a brother George Crandall. the others I do not remember the names. A few died young.
I do not know when they came to Canada.

There was a son William JOHN Crandall born in 1851 in the USA somewhere. He married Jane Parker, in 1870's.
A William Thomas Crandall who died May 8, 1895.
He had a brother George Crandall.

If I am confused, the Old 1875 family Bible is confused too.

What information is available re the William Thomas Crandall born in USA and Ann ? from Ireland born in 1816? I think they lived
in Highland Creek.

They may be buried in St. Margaret's in the Pines, Highland Creek, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

On Mon 23/08/10 4:20 PM , Sher Leetooze sent:
> Hello Catt:
> John Hueston/Huston was a Provincial Surveyor, residing at Cavanville,
> just north of Millbrook, Cavan Township, Durham County. He surveyed a
> greater portion of that area. He may have come from the US, but I believe all
> his children were born at Cavan. Hueston is an Irish name, and he may have
> emigrated from Ireland.
> The Crandell's were from the States, at least the old fella ? was. The
> family settled at Alnwick Township, Northumberland County. They were
> Baptists. One of the Crandell's headed out to "seek his fortune"
> as they used to do, and built an early tavern/hotel at Newcastle, which at that
> time took his name - Crandell's Corners. He stayed only a few years
> and headed over into Ontario County where he settled and founded Port Perry
> (or perhaps it was Prince Albert).
> The later arrivals of Crandell families were related - cousins of the
> old fella who settled in Northumberland. I think there is a Crandell tree
> somewhere - He may have been a Loyalist, so it wouldn't hurt to get in
> touch with the nearest Loyalist Association and see if they can find
> outwhere the Crandell lineage is now. A fellow from down around Belleville
> or Quinte did some very good Loyalist indexes a number of years ago (he
> has since passed away) and I only purchased the Durham County one, so I'm
> afraid I can't help you any further. The Quinte branch of the
> Loyalists has copies of all his indexes so someone there might be able to assist
> you. Also, the Marilyn Adams research centre near Picton (the name
> escapes me right now) also has copies of his indexes and they are very
> good at looking things up for people.
> I hope some of these suggestions will assist you to find your people.
> Sher
> Bowmanville
> At 03:01 PM 23/08/2010 -0400, you wrote:
> >An Ann ? (Hueston?)daughter of John? Hueston?,
> moved to York East, perhaps>from the USA, maybe New York State to
> >Scarborough, East York,Ontario, Canada, after
> marriage to a William>Crandall or later Crandle, who was born in
> 1804>in the USA of German descent as listed on the
> 1871 Canada Census. He died>in 1876 .
> >He farmed in Scarborough Township, East York,
> Ontario, Canada.>
> >William and Ann ? Crandall or Crandle had several
> children.>maybe:
> >Clark
> >David,
> >Thomas

a John Crandle, born 1851 in the USA, married Jane
> Parker in Highland Creek, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
> >George Crandle who may have married Elizabeth
> Morrish and had a son John.>
> >Am I on the right track with the correct family
> of William Crandall and>Ann Hueston Crandle?
> >Any other information?
> >
> >Catt

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