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From: "Shirl" <>
Subject: [ONTARIO] RE Piercy
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 23:03:35 -0400
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Ellen: thanks for all your replies to my need of help with this.

I am really confused about all of this. LOL
Okay I am not giving up so easy; just frustrated at this minute.

Some one from this group sent me a copy of the 1851 census for Ontario-peel-Chinguacousy
It shows Martin Middleton Wray and Anne and 4 of their eldest children as being in England in 1851.
I also have him being in Peel County Ontario Canada in 1852.
So he must of come here shortly prior to 1851 and I suspect it must have been prior to 1842.

I have their first born Margaret as being born November 1842 here in Ontario so also were Cecil and Thomas.
these are the only 3 children showing up on the 1851 census.

Okay maybe I need to learn something new here. "Smiles"
Could it be that the census taker simply out the country of birth the same for the 3 children as their parents???
The forth child on there is a mary Ann and I don't have her in this family at all; bu I do have a Hannah as the 4th child.
probaly another error by the census taker.

However this brings me back to your informarion below in this message..... you have noted the marriage of Martin Middleton Wray and Ann Pearcy as being
4 of June 1842.
So this leads me to believe that yes all the children were born in Canda; despite the 1851 census saying England?

I also have Ann Pearcy as being born here in Ontario and yes she has a brother James and also Walkington. So I will for now assume that this is the correect family
of Pearcy's?

I have been away from doing any genealogy for more than 18 months due to illness ect.
So its taking me longer than I though now I am back; trying to get my head back into the swing of it all.
Suddenly my trees are all deluged with so many green leaves.

Thanks so much for your help; I really appreciate you.

Shirl have been surfing through Ancestry and came up with the following mges.

James Pearcy (also name of witness at Ann & Martin's wedding) from Toronto in the Gore (Home Dist) md. Isabella Smith of Etobicoke, 4 June 1842 -

Margaret Jane Pearcy md. Richard Thomas 28 Sept 1843 in Etobicoke, witness also Jeremiah Pearcy -

Georgiana Pearcy of Etobicoke md. Robert Robinson in Etobicoke 3 Nov 1846, witn was Wakington Pearcy (also with Jeramia on 1851 Census)

Think this Jeramia (Jeremiah) is your link for Ann's Father....but notice variations in the spelling of Piercy, Piercey & Pearcy, they all show up for the same people.


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