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From: "Erik Hov" <>
Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Marius and Hilda
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 19:23:14 +0200
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Hello Joanna.

I know Hilda lived in Seattle abt 1949 ,but it`s not given any exact address
for her when her sister died in 1949...just Seattle ,Washington ,USA. But
the directories could be helpful after all ,worth checking.First I want to
check the directories for Ottawa etc. If it is as you say ,that it lists all
on a certain address it might also list their children?

My Hilda was born 17 Feb 1882 in Gjøvik and her parents was Andreas Pedersen
Leihne and Maria Evensdatter.
Hilda`s maiden name was Pedersen. (or maybe she used Leihne etc as maiden
name ,but mostly her siblings used Pedersen ,so that would be the most
I haven`t found Hilda`s emigration or if she married Marius in Norway or
not. Will look once more for the emigration from Norway. According to the
1911 census she and husband Marius emigrated 1911. I guess they were newly
married by then.
If she was not married before she came to US/Canada I guess she would have
gone by Hilda Pedersen. She was named Hilda Hansen in 1949.
Hilda didn`t have middlenames ,but don`t know if Marius did. He shall have
been born in Norway abt 1882 ,and with the family in 1911 also emigrating
1911 was a Jerius Hansen wich I guess had to be Marius`s brother ,but don`t
know where they were born.


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