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From: "M. Diane Rogers" <>
Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] 1891 Census --Clark ,Robert--Correction
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 15:30:29 -0800
References: <8D6CD6B954B9405F96628FB8F61EBD6A@DBY8R261><COL106-W25D9C105104F4658A1D839ADC10@phx.gbl>

One of the press releases from Library and Archives Canada mentions that the
launch of the free 1891 census index/images at LAC "also marks the launch of
a new feature that allows visitors to suggest a correction to a record.
This will be launched on a wider scale in the next few months."

Once you find a relevant entry in the 1891 Canadian census index on LAC's
website, there is a link to 'Suggest a Correction". However, this is not
apparently for suggesting alternate names. For instance, my great uncle,
Frank Rodgers, is listed in York West District. His first name looks as if
it might be Foak or maybe Frak as it is indexed. But, it doesn't look like
'Frank', so I won't submit a correction. (His stepfather Armour Peel's name
is similarly listed.)

>From LAC, "Details listed in databases reflect the information as it appears
in the archival records. Please note that archival records cannot be
altered. The suggestion for correction that you are proposing will be
considered and done if it reflects the content of the archival records."

Being able to suggest alternate names (as on Ancestry or on a FreeBMD Postem
or an AutomatedGenealogy note) would be nice, as would being able to
register as a person researching that entry as on AutomatedGenealogy.
M. Diane Rogers
British Columbia, Canada

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