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From: Stella Stanger <>
Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] Finding Living Descendants - Suggestions?
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 14:55:35 -0700
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Hi Caz,
Perhaps posting the Surname of the family may be helpful. - There may
be persons on this list - who are family connected - or have access
to - or may offer to research in the area.
This site covers all Ontario - People move about -family members may
no longer be in the location .

Do you know if any of the family members have passed away?
Obituaries - may show the names and locations of other family members.

The following Mail List may be helpful

Posting to message Board may also be helpful. You will only receive
messages in response to your individual interests.

St.Catharines Public Library

Cheers, Stella

At 02:11 PM 22/08/2008, you wrote:
>I have similar request as Steve only not as much information!
>Could someone please tell me which list I should subscribe to in the hopes
>of finding information regarding relatives that I know lived in St.
>around 1935.
>Any suggestions Much appreciated.
>Search Ontario Genealogy & Resources at http://olivetreegenealogy.com/can/ont/
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