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From: "dsager" <>
Subject: [ONTARIO] Wilson Family From and AroundMuskoka/Cochrane/Goderich/Colborne
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 15:42:38 -0500
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Hello List Members,

Friends of my Michigan Wilson cousin drove by an older, empty house in
Northern Lower Michigan on a country road. The pile of things by the road
looked as though a son or daughter had cleaned out the house that her/his
parents had lived in for years. My Wilson cousin's friends picked up two
boxes - of family history including newspaper clipping, pictures, etc. My
cousin glommed on to it so that the information would not get lost AND
because it was about a Wilson family. So far - these orphan Wilson's do not
tie into our Wilson's.

OUR Wilson's: John (abt 1788 - 1869) and Polly Brooks Wilson (abt
1791-1860), lived and died in Bayham Township, Elgin County. They had 12
children: Oliver 1817 - 1880 died in MI, David abt 1824 - before 1905 died
in Ontario, Bradford 1825 - 1899 died in Malahide Township, Mary Ann 1827 -
1901, died in Elgin County, Ranson 1831- 1889 died in Ontario, Elias
1833-1896 died in MI, John Jr 1839-1914 died in MI, Caroline died after
1905. The other four are unknown.

ORPHAN Wilson's: Allan Wilson and Elizabeth ? seem to be the oldest
generation. It seems that they had 15 children: Frank Joseph b. 23 May
1897 in Muskoka, Ruby, Hazel, Mary, Jessie, Elizabeth, Frederick, James,
Thomas, Edit, Gordon, Bob, Pearl, John and another James. (my cousin seems
to think that all the kids were born in Muskoka.)

James was married Dec. 29, 1920 in Driftwood, wife unknown. Their children
were Ronald, Gordon, Bill, Alletta, Dorothy, Bernice, and Helen.

Frank Joseph married in 1920 in Loyal to Mildred Young of Colborne. He died
in May 1927 and she in March 1972. Their children were Jack, Don, and Ruby.
Frank Joseph died in Victoria Hospital, London at age 75. He resided at 153
Cambria Road, Goderich.

John Frederick died Sept 3rd at Lady Minto Hospital in Cochrane and is
buried in the Civic Cemetery. He married Eva ? and their children are
Clarence, Allan, Greta, Inez, and Jean, who died in 1966.

There are ties to a Gordon Wilson and Pearl Wilson Foreman in Flint, Genesee
County, Michigan. Also to Blyth, Exter, Belgrave, Goderich, Loyal, Carlow
in Huron County.

An original newspaper clipping from the Northland Post, page 12, with a
photo with the caption: when Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson of Third Avenue,
Cochrane, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, they were presented
with a plaque from the provincial government. M.A. (Mike) Palangio, centre,
made the presentation on behalf of Hon. Rene Brunelle. Mr. Wilson operated
a blacksmith shop at the corner of Fourth Avenue ad Fifth street until he
retired in 1947. The shop has since burned, but was noted for the horse
weather vane on its roof. Greg Kirkbride, the oldest grandchildren present,
proposed a toast to his grandparents.

There is also info about Edith and Thomas Wilson and Jerry and Joan Anderson
whose daughter, Jennifer Irene was born August 2, 1975.

Among the newspaper clippings were some noting births and deaths in England.
These clippings and pictures belonged to someone who "lovingly" kept a
record of what his/her family was doing. Some have been put into scrapbook

If anyone has any knowledge of any of these Wilson family members, I would
greatly appreciate hearing from you. Ideally - we would like to prove a
connection between the two families. But it would be even more wonderful to
find the proper home for these clippings and pictures.

Delores (Dee) Wilson Sager
Neosho, Missouri USA

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