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From: "Heather Brown" <>
Subject: [ONTARIO] More advice - PATTERSON Search
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 11:57:17 -0000

Hello List,

I am back again with my PATTERSON search that so many of you kindly helped
me with a month or so ago.

With all of your help and a paid look up for Beechwood cemetery I now know
that I have the correct Priscilla & Joseph PATTERSON.

I know that Priscilla and Joseph had a son George Henry, born in 1873 and
that Priscilla died in 1876 and that Joseph remarried in 1877 / 1878 to

As Joseph is found in the Ontario 1911 census with his brother Robert and
his grandson Allan, but no Esther and yet she did not die until 1906. And I
could not find Joseph or Esther in previous census. Anyway I think I have
found them in the 1880 census in Ontario.

St Andrews Ward, Toronto, York, Ontario - 1880


Joseph - 38 - Quebec - D. G. Salesman (D.G - fits in with directory entry
given by Joanna Waugh as Joseph's occupation Dry Goods retail shop)

Chittie - 38 - USA

George - 9 - Ontario

Joseph - 7 - Ontario

Sumner - 2 - Ontario

Now my question is, if this is them which I believe is, who was the mother
of Joseph (age7) was it Priscilla or Esther (Chittie) ? And where is this
family in the 1901 census?

Also has anyone heard of the name Chittie before?

Many thanks & best wishes


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