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Subject: [ONTARIO] Who's hiding the originials
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 18:54:35 EDT

Stupid question but I'm brave and going to plunge into it. I photocopied a
page from "County Marriage Records Registers of Ontario, Canada 1858-1869
Vol.II Halton County". It has a marriage listed:

Lardie Louis, 31, Wellington Square, Canada, s/o Louis and Jane, married 29
March1868 Hannah M Kurtz, 21, Wellington Square, Canada, d/o Peter and Hannah.

This man was from Montreal Quebec and is old Fr. Can. back to 1666. The
PRDH has great records and by all the church registers and the PRDH Louis'
father wasn't Louis but George and mother was Josepht Chartrand not Jane. I got
lots of St. Augustine records here with names in backwards and just general,
obviously, recording errors. It would appear that when French Cans. came into
Ontario they dropped the hard to say French names. They simplified as the
1851 census takers were priviledged people to read and write well. However
Jean Baptiste Lardie is listed as John. Louis is written Lewis. As I said
just English friendly.

I know who this Louis is. His age should be 37. I can see a seven being
written as 1. Simple mistake. I can see "them" typing Louis for the father's
name. Just repeated the name they just typed. (That has happened a lot of
times) I can also see saying Josepht would probably mean spell it and this
Louis was a labourer so Jane might seem easier and how was he to know he would
drive me crazy. I need to see the originals that these were typed from.
WHERE ARE THEY? (please do send me to a place that starts with H and has four
letters-LOL). Probably won't help because if the minister was in error the
typist did just fine but it is the only opportunity to straighten this out.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Peggy Large UE

"I'd rather die while I'm living than live while I'm dead"
thanks to Jimmy Buffett!

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