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Subject: Re: [ONTARIO] History Televison series of interest to genealogistsandhistorians
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 17:37:32 -0700
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Hi Brian,
I missed this. I thought it was on tonight - Wednesday. Do you know when
it is repeated? Thanks.
I am also interested in the Plains of Abraham episode as I am the 9th
great grand-daughter of the owner of the Plains of Abraham - Mr. Abraham

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Subject: [ONTARIO] History Televison series of interest to genealogists

> Hello everyone: As some of you may know, last summer and fall I was the
> Project Genealogist for a new "History Television" genealogy documentary
> series which is called "Bloodlines".
> The first episode which deals with the Riel Rebellion airs tomorrow
> Tuesday May 15, at 9:00 p.m. on History Television.
> The story evolves around the missing body of Thomas Scott who Riel had
> executed, and also possibly the search for relatives of a 10 year old
> accidentally killed at the Battle of Battoche. Many of the families
> have Ontario roots.
> While I have not seen the finished product, I am supposed to have
> credit at the end ...and you may even see me in action during the
> documentary!
> It is an "irregular" series, so I will let you know when the next
episode is
> scheduled. Episodes on the Battle of Queenston Heights, and the Battle
> the Plains of Abraham have been done. Work is ongoing for the episodes
> dealing with the American War for Independence, as well as one on
> who served in the US Civil War.
> Cheers!
> J. Brian Gilchrist
> Mr. Gilchrist will be lecturing on Irish Genealogy on Saturday May 26 at
> Global Genealogy in Campbellville, Ontario. Visit their website and call
> register. If the class is filled, another session will be scheduled.
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