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From: "Amy Patterson" <>
Subject: [ONTARIO] Ontario Photographers
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 11:51:56 -0500
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I believe a couple of months ago there was a string in the message boards
about photographers in Ontario. I think you were the one that had a book
with information on the photographers. I have a couple I was wondering if
you could see if you had any information on. My grandmother kept some old
photos and a couple of them listed photographer information on them. Since
both maternal and paternal sides of her family stopped in Ontario I am not
sure which family belongs to which picture, BUT if I can pinpoint the
photographer then maybe I can decide which family it is...plus any extra
info is great! Here is what I have and thanks Heather!

S. C. Jory, Photographer 75 King Street Ft. Toronto Chapman?

Isaac Horning, Artist, Talbot Street Simcoe, C. W.


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