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From: Christina Scott <>
Subject: [ONTARIO] Ancestors in the attic
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 19:41:11 -0400

Hi Ellen

The research staff, has admitted to making the "prop", so it is
fraudulent, if the Craddock researcher is at peace with a piece if
fraudulent research, you are right who am I to question her happiness,
or her unhappiness when she discovers it's fraudulent.

The "Silence" documentation cannot be found, not on the IGI,
familysearch, or Ancestry.com. I am a thorough amateur researcher,
and always note where I find my information and make copies (multiple)
of the document. I find it hard to believe a professional research
assistant does not know these rules of documentation. To educate the
"masses" with fraudulent documentation is a shame and
misrepresentation. IF you are going to educate the public, and when you
are going to bring closure to a genealogical dead end, lets do it
properly. Don't we all have such situations? I do my research all
over the world via the FHL, many times I am unable to go further when I
discover some of the parish records in France and Germany and the
Netherlands have been destroyed, never been filmed or are only available
for research at the record office at the particular town or village.
Such situations are frustrating, but will always hope that one day I
may spend the money and do further research at those archives. (have
done so in the past when I was on vacation)
But one thing for sure when a reputable production company offers to
take up my quest, and fabricates the facts and presents it to me as
"gospel" I would be furious for leading me astray, and embarrassed for
having to shed those tears.

Yes I am judging the 1st program, as they have made 13 other
episodes.... and how can it be educational, when the educators
research is flawed?

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