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From: "Doug Porteous" <>
Subject: RE: [ONT] H.M. 77th Regiment
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 15:09:45 -0400
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Hi Pat,

It's all quite confusing to me since my knowledge of military history is
quite poor (something I hope to rememdy soon!). One of my biggest challenges
is figuring out the various places where Joseph REID might have been

I finally found some information at the PRO site that seems to match my
Joseph, but the number of regiments he served in seems quite high:

"Covering dates 1827-1848
Scope and content JOSEPH REED
Born DRUMACOZA, Londonderry [Google thinks that should be 'DRUMCOURA
Londonderry'] Served in 56th Foot Regiment; 68th Foot Regiment; 77th Foot
Regiment; 81st Foot Regiment; 11th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 45"

He would have been discharged ca. 1848 (the 1871 census gives his age as 68,
indicating a DOB of 1803), the year following his marriage to Isabella
Harrison. I'm inferring that the regiment somehow ended up in Toronto (but
when, I wonder, did Joseph arrive?).

The obit only mentions one regiment (perhaps it was the one he was serving
in when he met Isabella, or it was the best known). The "military angle"
makes him more interesting than my other gg-grandfathers (George PORTEOUS,
Archibald BELL, Henry MCCUAIG, Peter MCARTHUR, Alexander DOUGLAS, Thomas
ARTHURS and Joseph GODSON), who all seemed to be in the "farming business"
in Scotland or England. :-)

Thanks for your note (I believe I've thanked all other responders offline).


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Subject: RE: [ONT] H.M. 77th Regiment

In transcribing 1860s Toronto marriages recently I came across more than one
mention of the 17th Regiment, garrisoned in Toronto. I wonder if the 77th
was a misreading of the 17th?



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From: Doug Porteous [mailto:]
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Subject: [ONT] H.M. 77th Regiment

The obituary of my great-great-grandmother, Isabella Reid (née Harrison)
appeared in the Sarnia Observer on January 19, 1900:

"In Sarnia, January 17th 1900 Isabella A. Reid, relict of the late Joseph
Reid, Col. Sergt. of H.M. 77th Regiment at the age of 77 years."

Note: Joseph and Isabella were married in Toronto in 1847. I think Joseph
died there, but Isabella moved to the Sarnia home of her daughter, Josephine
(Reid) Clement, prior to 1900. I am making the assumption that Joseph
probably served in the regiment prior to his marriage... (but that all
depends on what I learn about the regiment).

I believe Joseph was born in Ireland; Isabella's death registration shows
she was born in County Monaghan, Ireland.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I might learn more about this
"77th Regiment"? The Web sites I came across indicate that the regiment was
disbanded in 1764, well before Isabella's husband Joseph would have been
alive. The regiment also seems to be associated with India.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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