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From: "vardy-wands" <>
Subject: RE: [ONT] Seeking Information on Turnquist
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 20:31:46 -0500

Hello Willis:

One source for deaths in Ontario, is the searchable (for a fee) 'Pages of
the Past' for 1894-2002, available at the following web site:


You can check out the prices and the best way to limit your costs with the
best return of information. You can try out the 1945 sample search for free
to see how if works and whether you want to go further. I always search by
surname year by year if it is a common name, or 5 years at a time if it is

With a distinctive name like TURNQUIST, you should be able to cover a lot of
ground quickly.

There is also another GTA mailing list site that might be of interest to you


One further thought - perhaps the name was spelled differently - so I
checked Canada 411 which is located at:


I searched using a wild card search i.e. turnq* for Ontario only. Two
listings showed in Ontario for the name TURNQUEST.

You might want to contact them.

Hope that is of some help to you:

Allan Wands, Toronto

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Subject: [ONT] Seeking Information on Turnquist

I am trying to locate any information on my wife's birth father, C. Donald
born June 26, 1916 in Minneapolis, MN to Elmer C. and Helen Turnquist. C.D.

was living in Clarkson. Ont. in the 1970s and was located in Mississauga in

the late 90s until 2001.

Could someone tell me how I can check to see if he is still living or how
check the Obits for 2001?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide,

Willis Patterson, Southaven, Mississippi

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