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From: "Heather Bertram" <>
Subject: 1933 Death Registrations, Russell Co.
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 10:20:38 -0500

**** NOTE ***** Births, Deaths and Marriages posted to the lists are
only a small portion of the transcriptions that are uploaded to the
sites on a regular basis. There are many volunteers who provide
transcriptions that are posted directly to the sites and never published
on the mailing lists. Be sure to check the URL below.

Some more death registrations to go on line at:


Format: SURNAME, given name(s), gender, date of death, age, birth
place, cause & length, if given, occupation, burial location, parents
names & birth place, if given, infm & location, comments, township,
(County), Registration No.

HODGES, Isiah, m, June 27, 1933, 85 years 4 months 6 days, England,
cause – chronic myocarditis & senility, retired farmer, burial –
Cumberland, s/o John Hodges & Sarah Glover, both born England, infm –
Charles Ed Hodges, son, Cumberland Twp (Russell Co.) 029536-33

LONG, Robert, m, June 21, 1933, 71 years 9 months, Ontario, cause –
cerebral thrombosis 1 day, retired farmer, burial – North Russell, s/o
Robert Long born Ireland & Sarah Sh??h born Ontario, infm – Mrs. Charles
Car????? Of Ottawa, father [daughter], Russell Twp (Russell Co.)

McRAE, Judson, m, June 14, 1933, 5 days, Ontario, cause – congenital
deformity, double hare lip and cleft palate, burial – Bearbrook, s/o
David Judson McRae & Laura Newton, both born Ontario, infm – David J.
McRae, of Leonard, Cumberland Twp (Russell Co.) 029509-33

POMINVILLE, Girard, m, March 31, 1933, 1 hour, Ontario, cause –
premature birth 6th month, burial – Casselman, s/o Alfred Pominville &
Marguerite Millette, both born Ontario, infm – Alfred Pominville of
Casselman, father, Cambridge Twp (Russell Co.) 029510-33

SIMPSON, Laura Belle, f, April 24, 1933, 36 years 4 months 25 days,
Ontario, cause – puerperal metritis 3 ½ days, child birth on April 15th,
Bearbrook, d/o Joseph Shepard McCuran & Catherine McGregor, both born
Ontario, infm - George Simpson of Vars, husband, Cumberland Twp
(Russell Co.) 029513-33

ANDREWS, William Henry, m, May 16, 1933, 66 years 5 months 29 days,
Birmingham England, cause – coronary thrombosis ½ hour, chronic valvular
disease 10 years, machinist, burial – Mount Royal Cemetery, s/o Henry
Andrews & Mary Anne Lightwood, both born England, infm – Sarah Ann
Andrews of Montreal Quebec, wife, Cumberland Twp (Russell Co.) 029516-33

BERTRAM, Mary Ada, f, May 28, 1933, Ontario, cause – stillborn,
difficult birth breech case, burial – Navan, d/o Wm Coleman Bertram born
Manitoba & Mary Ethel Galloway born Ontario, infm – Wm Bertram, father,
Cumberland Twp (Russell Co.) 029517-33

GEHAN, Lorenzo, m, May 9, 1933, 70 years, Cumberland, cause -
myocarditis failure, burial – Bearbrook, s/o Elmor (sic) Gehan born
Ireland & Catherin Ferris born Buckingham Quebec, infm – Albert Gehan of
Hammond, brother, Cumberland Twp (Russell Co.) 029524-33

COX, Eliza Jane, f, June 22, 1933, 67 years 11 months 24 days, Ontario
cause – carcinoma of uterus & bladder 4 years internal hemorrhage from
growth 3 days, widow, burial – Navan, d/o William Miller & Mary Ann
Elliott, both born Ireland, infm – Wm Cox of Navan, brother-in-law,
Cumberland Twp (Russell Co.) 029531-33

DUNNING, Sophia Ann, f, June 1, 1933, 78 years 9 months, Quebec, cause –
intestinal indigestion 1 month, myocarditis failure 7 days, burial –
Cumberland, d/o Wm Dunning & Sophia Lafebvre, both born Quebec, infm –
Mrme Dunning of Leonard, nephew, Cumberland Twp (Russell Co.) 029534-33

FINLESS, Christopher Campbell, m, June 3, 1933, 42 years 6 months,
Oshland Wisconsin, cause – found drowned in Ottawa River at Rockland,
probably suicidal drowning, cook with Can. Pac. Railway Co., burial –
Beachwood Cemetery, s/o Christopher Finless born Ontario & Matilda Ann
blank, born Ireland, infm – Mrs. Douglas Landreville of Ottawa,
daughter, Clarence Twp, (Russell Co.) 029535-33

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