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From: "Jean Oxley" <>
Subject: Marriage Registrations 1895, Frontenac
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 12:15:29 -0500

format - Registration No.; County; Groom; age; birthplace; residence; status, occupation; his parents; bride; age; birthplace; residence; her parents; witnesses name and residence; marriage date and place.

004181-95, (Frontenac), James FITZGERALD, 24, Ontario, Bedford Twp, farmer, s/o Edward & Sarah Jane FITZGERALD married Susanna Amelia PETERS, 18, Ontario, Hinchinbrooke Twp, d/o Wm. John & Ellen Marie PETERS, Wit: George Peters - Hinchinbrooke Twp, May 29, 1895, Kingston

004182-95, (Frontenac), Jno. Robt. MAYELL, 25, Island of Malta, Kingston, carpenter, s/o John & Sarah MAYELL married Matilda McBEATH, 22, Scotland, Kingston, d/o William & Jean McBEATH, Wit: Miss Maggie MARSHALL & Wm. SEATON, Jun 1, 1895, Kingston

004183-95, (Frontenac), Albert George TURNER, 24, Ottawa, Ottawa, clerk, s/o George TURNER & Ellen PORTER married Margaret CANNEM? , 23, Kingston, Kingston, d/o William CANNEM & Martha PORTER, Wit: Walter CANNEM & Maud CANNEM- both of Kingston, Jun 5, 1895

004184-95, (Frontenac), Albert William BURCH, 28, New York State, Kingston, merchant, s/o Derias BURCH & Elizabeth TURCK married Mary Leth MILLAR, 37, Picton, Kingston, d/o George MILLAR & mother not known, Wit: Mrs. N. C. POLSON & R. J. McDOWALL- Kingston, Jun 11, 1895, Kingston

004185-95, (Frontenac), John Edgar COUNTRYMAN, 25, Hungarford Ont, Drayton N. Dakota, Doctor of Medicine, s/o Hermann COUNTRYMAN & Margaret McCONKEY - his wife, married Charlotte Elizabeth COOPER, 21, Napanee, Kingston, d/o John COOPER & Mary WOODSEND- his wife, Wit: Thomas P. BOWER of Tweed & Minnie A. SMITH of Napanee, June 12, 1895, Kingston

004186-95, (Frontenac), George Herbert KIRKPATRICK, 21, Kingston, Kingston, clerk, s/o Michael KIRKPATRICK & Catherine DUNBAR married Bertha Constance DUPONT, 21, Syracuse N.Y., Kingston, d/o Alphonse A. DUPONT (clerk in holy orders) & Maria RAOULL, Wit: Edward E. DEAN, Katie MURRAY & Hipholyte DUPONT- all of Kingston, Jun 12, 1895, Kingston

004187-95, (Frontenac), Robt. Ernest THOMAS, 28, Londao Eng, Gananoque, minister, s/o Samuel THOMAS & Charlotte THOMAS married Jane Inkster JACK, 27 Kingston, Kingston, d/o Hugh JACK & Barbara JACK, Wit: Emma WILDER- Kingston & H. U. EASTON- Cataraqui, May 17, 1895, Kingston

004188-95, (Frontenac), Arthur Wheeler HOUSE, 21, Bowanville, Watertown N.Y., printer, s/o Oscar HOUSE & Alice HOUSE married Corene Elizabeth LEFFINGWELL, 18, Worthville, Watertown N.Y., d/o Wm. LEFFINGWELL & Clara STEWART, Wit: G. H. ALLEN- Kingston, May 24, 1895, Kingston

004189-95, (Frontenac), William E. TIMMERMAN, 29, widower, United States, United States, carpenter, s/o Joseph TIMMERMAN & Sarah TIMMERMAN married Mabel G. HAMILTON, 18, Watertown N.Y., Watertown N. Y., d/o Arthur HAMILTON & Ann HAMILTON, Wit: G. H. ALLEN -Kingston, May 24, 1895, Kingston

004190-95, (Frontenac), Chas Alex WELLS, 27, Kingston, Kingston, carriage painter, s/o Henry WELLS & Sarah PUGH married Sarah Jane STURGIS, 24, Kingston, Markland, d/o Emanuel STURGIS & Agnes McADOO, Wit: William STANFORD & Dolly STURGIS- both of Kingston, Jun 5, 1895, Kingston

004191-95, (Frontenac), Francis Gilbert COMPTON, 20, Kingston, Kingston, farmer, s/o Charles COMPTON & Susan JACKSON married Maud HAFFNER, 18 Kingston, Kingston, d/o Eckhard HAFFNER & Alice BUCK, Wit: Ethel Maud COMPTON- Kingston, Jun 19, 1895, 122 Colborne St. Kingston

004192-95, (Frontenac), James Airth LEITCH, 31, Renfrew, Renfrew Ont, Minister, s/o James LEITCH & Catherine AIRTH married Sarah Elizabeth MILLER, 28, Kingston, 384, Division St Kingston, d/o Wm. L. MILLER & Jane GORDON, Wit: Robert LEITCH- Renfrew & Lizzie THOMPSON- 140 Bay, Jun 19, 1895, 384 Division Kingston

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