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From: "Gordon A. Watts" <>
Subject: Post 1901 Census -- A gentle reminder.
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 10:01:04 -0700

Greetings All.

Every once in awhile during our campaign to regain the public access to
Historic Census records that existing legislation states we are entitled
to, but has been denied, I have found it necessary to comment regarding
the tone of the messages we send to our Parliamentary represenatives.
It would appear that I must do it once again.

This morning I received a message from the office of one of our MPs that
included a copy of a message received by them that was somewhat less
than complimentary. Further than that, it was combative and made
accusations that I personally know to be incorrect.

I will not identify the individual who wrote the offensive message, nor
the party or MP to whom it was written (it was copied to many MPs). I
will say however, that the MP from whose office I received this mornings
email has long been a supporter of our efforts.

It does our cause no good to send accusatory, abusive or insulting
messages to any of our Parliamentary representatives -- let alone to
those who have been supporting us.

When we are now so close to achieving our goal it is easy to let our
emotions take control of what we write to those who we may feel,
correctly or otherwise, are responsible for what we view as unnecessary
delays in passing Bill S-18. Particularly when we are so close to
achieving our goal, we must take care in what we write so that we do not
cause MPs who have earlier expressed support for our cause to reverse
their position.

There are ways of expressing disappointment without being abusive or
insulting. Should anyone feel the need to express disappointment with
any particular MP or Party I suggest they find some of those ways.
Avoid 'tarring everyone with the same brush'. To send an accusatory
message to all members of any specific Party will undoubtedly include
many who do not deserve to be accused.

To sum up, we are trying to *encourage* our Parliamentary
representatives to support our point of view. Specifically, we are
seeking *unrestricted* public access to all Historic Census records
after a reasonable period of closure.

As I have done throughout the seven years of our Census campaign, I
encourage all, when writing to our Parliamentary representatives, to be
polite and respectful. To do otherwise can only hurt what we are trying
to achieve. I will refrain from quoting the old saying about 'bees' and

Happy Hunting.

Gordon A. Watts
Co-chair Canada Census Committee
Port Coquitlam, BC

en francais http://www.globalgenealogy.com/Census/Index_f.htm

Permission to forward without notice is granted

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