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Subject: Ont 1905 Death registrations Penetanguishene (Simcoe co)
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 14:19:38 -0400 (EDT)

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Format: SURNAME, given name(s), gender, date of death, age, birth place, cause, length, occupation, burial location, infm & address, comments (Parent and location at birth) and any other information, county, Registration No & 2 digit year (i.e. 123456-95)

LALIBERTE, no name, March 1, 1905, still born, Tiny Twp, still born, blank, blank, blank, infm= LaLiberté, Dr. Bowman, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026314-05

BAXTER, Alfred Hillaire Michael, m, March 11, 1905, 1 year and 10 months, Penetanguishene, pneumonia, 3 months, blank, blank, infm= George Baxter, Dr. Bowman, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026315-05

PERRY, Edward Ross, m, March 9, 1905, 45 minutes, Penetanguishene, premature birth, blank, blank, blank, infm= L.A. Perry, father, Dr. Addisson, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026316-5

McMURRAY, Elizabeth, d, March 24, 1905, 52 years old, Penetanguishene, Heart failure-following pneumonia, blank, single, blank, infm= James Wynn, R.C., Dr. Addisson, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026317-05

WATSON, Vera, f, April 1, 1905, 3 years old, Penetanguishene, meningitis, blank, married, blank, infm= Joseph Nation, Church of England, Dr. Bowman, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026318-05

LEBLANC, Delia, f, April 2, 1905, 18 years old, Tiny Twp, puerperal fever, blank, blank, blank, infm= A. Leblanc, R.C., Dr. McDonald, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026319-05

McCARSON, Thomas, m, April 2, 1905, 79 years old, not given, heart failure, blank, married, blank, infm= Dr. Spohn, R.C., Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026320-05

DOUCETTE, Silvia, f, April 9, 1905, 20 years old, Tiny Twp, consumption, blank, married, blank, infm= Dr. Addisson, R.C., Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026320-05

DESROCHES, formely Prisque, Margaret, f, April 12, 1905, 41 years old, Penetanguishene, myocarditis, blank, msrried, blank, infm= Joseph Prisque, R.C., Dr. Addisson, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026322-05

PRISQUE, Annie, f, April 12, 1905, 13 years old, Penetanguishene, myocarditis, blank, blank, blank, infm= Joseph Prisque, Dr. Bowman, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026323-05

QUIGLEY, Mary, f, April 18, 1905, 82 years old, Ireland, general debility, blank, married, blank, infm= Dr. McDonald, R.C., Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026324-05

PATNOTE, Mary, f, April 24, 1905, 7 years old, Penetanguishene, pneumonia, blank, blank, blank, infm= Dr. McDonald, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026325-05

BAKER, Rose, f, May 2, 1905, 54 years old, Tiny Twp, inflammation of the brain, blank, married, blank, infm= Alex Baker, R.C., Dr. McDonald, Tiny Twp, Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026326-05

DOUCETTE, Napoléon, m, May 2, 1905, 11 monthsTiny Twp, consumption, blank, blank, blank, infm= Julia Doucette, Dr. Addisson, Tiny Twp,Penetanguishene, (Simcoe co), 026327-05

Maurice Desrochers in Ottawa

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