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From: "Bill Zuefelt" <>
Subject: Ontario Birth Registrations - Simcoe Co.- Tay Twp. - 1894
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 20:02:08 -0400

Some more birth registrations to go on line at:


Format - Registration No., County, SURNAME, given name, gender, date
of birth, father - name, occupation, mother - name, informant, address

030759-94 (Simcoe) BALL; Reta Velmore; f.; October 30, 1894; Wesley BALL;
Laborer; Sarah BALL; infm Wesley BALL of Fesserton, Tay Twp..
(Note - Her given name was originally entered as "Arete" which was scratched
out and "Reta" written above"

030760-94 (Simcoe) DUNCLIFFE; Samuel; m.; November 1, 1894; John DUNCLIFFE;
Shoemaker; Alice TURNSTALL; infm J. DUNCLIFFE of Waubaushene, Tay Twp..

030761-94 (Simcoe) EMOND; Mary Catherine; f.; November 25, 1894; Felix
EMOND; Laborer; Lenore LALONDE; infm Dr. J. HANLY of Waubaushene, Tay Twp..

030762-94 (Simcoe) CROOKE; Lenore Pearl; f.; October 10, 1894; William
CROOKE; Farmer; Mary BELFRY; infm William CROOKE of Tay Twp..

030763-94 (Simcoe) McDERMITT; John; m.; December 3, 1894; Angus McDERMITT;
Farmer; Annie LAVALLEY; infm Angus McDERMITT of Tay Twp..

030764-94 (Simcoe) CARTER; Florence Evelyn; f.; September 30, 1894; Walter
W. CARTER; Lumberman; Maggie ROBERTSON; infm W. W. CARTER of Fesserton, Tay

030765-94 (Simcoe) LABATT; Josephine; f.; November 4, 1894; Louis LABATT;
Laborer; Phillis SALOMAN; infm Mary LABATT of Victoria Harbor, Tay Twp..

030766-94 (Simcoe) HILL; James Culville; m.; December 19, 1894; Samuel HILL;
Master Mariner; Elizabeth READMAN; infm Samuel HILL of Victoria Harbor, Tay

030767-94 (Simcoe) BELFRY; Laura Myrtle; f.; September 10, 1894; Sherman
BELFRY; Farmer; Esther NAY; infm Sherman Belfry of Tay Twp..

030768-94 (Simcoe) KING; Albert Victor; m.; August 30, 1894; William KING;
Farmer; Mary PELL; infm William KING of Tay Twp..

030769-94 (Simcoe) RUSSELL; Clarence John;m.; August 7, 1894; William Henry
Francis RUSSELL; Store Manager; Olivia Ann HENRY; Infm William Henry Francis
RUSSELL of Waubaushene, Tay Twp..
(Note - This registration was dated Nov 5th 1917 and pasted in the 1894

A bit more info available at offline please

Bill Zuefelt,London,Ont..

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