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From: "Ruth Burkholder" <>
Subject: Re: Banns
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 08:39:30 -0500
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Carol, I have never read anything that indicated that if a minister was
performing a ceremony for a couple where Banns had been read previously he
did not need to send the marriage information to the Clerk of the Peace of
the District where the marriage took place, along with the marriages he
performed where the couple had purchased a license. There are many
instances in the transcripts of the Upper Canada / Canada West marriage
series where it is noted that the authority for the marriage was "BANNS".

It is true that there are many marriages for which we do not have any
information ... but that has nothing to do with the authority for the
marriage and a great deal more to do with the fact that Church of England
and Roman Catholic priests did NOT have to report the marriages they
performed to the Clerk pre1847, as it was felt that these were the
'official' church and they kept good records ..... and not all the records
from that pre1869 period survive, either in the church records or the
government offices.

Actually this whole subject is more complicated than two or three paragraphs
can do justice to, and so I suggest that you read the 8-page introductory
essay, "The Challenge of Locating Vital Records in Upper Canada/Canada West"
by Fawne Stratford-Devai and myself in the front of each of the volumes in

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Subject: Banns

> Thank you to all those who helped me with information on Banns. I had
> grandparents who were married by banns in two different Parishes in
> Scotland. One helpful lady suggested to go to google and find a relevant
> site re "banns"
> http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/02255a.htm
> http://www.gozo.gov.mt/servicesinfo.asp?CatId=138
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banns_of_marriage

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