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From: "Ron Harris" <>
Subject: Re: [ONT] Burials in Penetang
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 14:22:41 -0500
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Count me among those who was saddened to read about the girl abandoned to
the institution. Sometimes I find names of children who died without living
very long, in my searches - children of kinfolk whom my parents never even
hear tell of. I feel that just by noting their birth, name & passing that
it gives their life some validation. I feel pleased to do that.

I too am so very, very grateful to be living in Canada in the 21st century,
at least when it comes to medical care. Sometimes I think of my own family
(husband & 5 school age kids), I consider who wouldn't be here if we were
living 100 years ago. My middle son had pneumonia at age 4 - would I still
have him? My last 2 children were boy/girl twins. Twin A was no trouble,
but Twin B got stuck in a transverse (sideways) lie & after 1 hour of the
doc trying to turn her, I had emegency C-section. I'm sure 100 years ago,
we both would have died. Even my eldest got a bad cut worth 17 stitches 4
years ago, which got infected. Antibiotics cleared it up, but if was 100
years ago ...? Parents must have been sick with worry most of the time!

Genealogy certainly gives me appreciation for what I've got!

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Subject: Re: [ONT] Burials in Penetang

> Your thoughts are a reflection of my own, tricia!
> In this case, there is one wonderful consolation in that this young girl
> now has someone who will not only mourn her passing, but, in whatever
> way possible, I pray, will celebrate her life by remembering and by
> passing on her story to those who follow after.
> Aileen
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