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Subject: RE: [ONT] Trace Marriage Locations
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 19:34:57 -0500
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Hello Phillip:

1. The Westdale church has a site with a photo album section that may be
of help:


There is also a 'Postcards of Hamilton's Past" site with a CHURCHES
section. CLICK on 'vintage postcards' phrase which is highlighted in
the last line or so of the last paragraph on the page that comes up.
Not a lot but perhaps of use to you.

The United Church site, if you are sure it is a 'United' church they
were married in, has a church locator with several churches listed in


I also came across a site, when I did a 'google' search that brought up
a firm of architects who had done so work for this church...and that may
explain the differences in appearance for you. This site is at:


Also from this site you can see that there is also a Westdale
Prebyterian church in Hamilton.

Hope this is helpful on that part of your enquiry.

2. Your grandparents - The address is probably 42 Breadalbane Street
which is just a few blocks away from me. Currently it is a short street
running between Bay St and Yonge St (northbound streets) and between
Wellesley St and College St. I'll check out the address for you, in the
city of Toronto directories, when I'm next at the library. I don't know
if a church is still on this street but I'll take a look.

You can check out the general location, very central, as you can see at
this site:


Just CLICK on the map illustration that comes up, and gradually zoom in
by CLICKing until you can see what you want.

Allan Wands

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From: Philip Baxter [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2004 1:16 PM
Subject: [ONT] Trace Marriage Locations

Hi new to this list

I was born in Toronto our family migrated here to England in 1961 am
to trace the location of various family marriages.

Late Parents

The copy Marriage Certificate I have gives me the date 14 June 1941 they
were married in Hamilton Ontario along with the name of the Minister
Waldemar Williams. My initial thoughts were that they were married in
Westdale United Church but the photo I have taken outside the main
does not seem to match any of the exterior shots I have seen of this
in Hamilton. Can anyone advise me if any official records should exist
which would detail the location. I emailed the church itself ages ago
but no
response. Have tried other family members but no luck. Presume may be an
announcement in a local newspaper?

My Late Grandparents

I have a copy of the Licence issued to my Grandparents which confirms
date in October 1911 they were married in Toronto. Also recorded is the
both were Methodists and the person solemnising the marriage was Wm F
living at what looks like 42 Breadal Lane in Toronto. I have no photos.
anyone advise me if any official records should exist which would show

Thanks for any assistance

Philip Baxter

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