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From: "Kim Lalonde" <>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 22:45:42 -0400

Hi List

I've been reading the subject about GEDCOM and Sharing Files about personal
living information. I had that problem once. I emailed the person that put
my information on the net and ask them to take off and if they wouldn't take
it take it off at least he/she would make the living information of my
family privite and they did. I also asked if they want to share my
information with others for them to ask first or get the person to email
themselves and say who told them to do so. I was very lucky this person
would do that. There are people who will do that for you. But then again I
guess depends on how you ask them.......lol

I myself would never put living information on the net. I always ask the
living if I can share their information with others if they ask me
personally. So everyone should ask before one shares information on the
living to others people.

This is only my thoughts about this.

Happy Easter to all.


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