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From: "WalkerRH" <>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 22:01:26 -0400
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As has been posted already, this happens and there is not alot you can do
about it after the fact. However, there are a few things you can do to
minimize the damage and loss of privacy.
First and the most obvious, don't list any information about living people,
if another family member shares their information with you to add to yours,
be sure to credit them and provide a way to contact them directly so they
can decide if they wish to share further information with others.
Second, don't use standard genealogy formats. Make up your own unique
method of how you record and publish your information and be careful listing
your sources, this allows you to share the information by other means, i.e.
email, snail mail and not in one copy/paste lump sum. By doing this it
requires that people who snag your information have to actually do some work
to transfer the information over to standardized forms so it can be
published or burned on CDs to sell for profit. Never put your information
on any company's websites without investigating the companies policy about
how your information is used. This also applies to anyone seeking to use
your information to publish a book, they also have to put in the time to
sort through it.
Third and last, understand the need to continue to share information with
others. List only enough information that will let others see a link to
your information. If they find a hit then you and that person can go to
private emails and share other information about that one connection.

W.R. Walker

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> I learned the lesson the hard way. I sent a cousin my gedcom file for his
own use and later found it on ancestry.com and the LDS Family Search.
> He would not remove it and when I contacted both sources I was told the
only person that could remove it was the person who submitted it.
> He changed his server so the contact shown was no longer valid.
> Do not send anything, repeat anything, unless you remove all notes and
then send only the information on that persons family and limit the number
of generations.
> Since then I have had several relatives very upset and some will not even
talk to me as I gathered the information with the understanding it would not
be put on the public domain unless they approved.
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