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From: "James Clark" <>
Subject: Re: [ONT] Mt. Pleasant, Toronto and OGS cemetery transcribing in general - comments
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 19:11:44 -0500
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Hi All:
With regard to Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.
About four years ago I went to their head office ( I made an appointment) and they have a small room with a computer terminal. When you entered the surname into their data base, one got all the burials of that surname with a reference number. Then they had a hard copy file where one could look up the location of the grave. They also had good maps of the cemetery that one could follow to find the grave. When I went to the office of the cemetery( off Younge St.) they took the dozen, or so, sites that I had and photocopied the file for each site. There were names & dates in some of the sites that I was not aware of and these were a further leads in my search. I certainly found them co-operative. Of course this requires someone to actually go to the offices and do the search. Some of the graves did not have a head stone but I still was able to find out who was buried there.
Jim Clark

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From: gilchrists
Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 5:58 PM
Subject: [ONT] Mt. Pleasant, Toronto and OGS cemetery transcribing in general - comments

Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto is not yet transcribed. In all honesty it
will not be transcribed in the near future, and so we will have at least a
5 - 7 year wait, I would imagine. It is a massive project to coordinate the
transcribing of.

The Toronto Branch OGS transcriptions are among the best that I have seen in
the world. We work methodically row by row. We dig deep for the buried
markers. We compare the tombstone data with the plot cards of the cemetery
records - to annotate and make the most accurate transcription possible -
including the verses and stone mason's name, where recorded.

The Toronto Branch of the OGS is working on St. James's Anglican. We
(Toronto Branch, OGS) have finished two other big burial grounds in Toronto,
one being The Necropolis, which is published, and the other being St. John's
(Anglican) Norway - which is being proof-read.

Time is also against us, if we are to be effective. As the older this
generation of genealogists gets, still trying to preserve data from the 19th
century, many of the newer generation of genealogists are now in need of mid
20th century records. Often now I am meeting genies who are looking for
their grandfather's who fought in World War TWO!

Many of the modern cemeteries, including the memorial gardens that have only
flat stones, are massive projects to deal with, as the very reasons the
stones are flat [ease and cost of grounds keeping] are also causing us grief
in transcribing, as many stones are now either sinking, and or being covered
by grass! So there is much work to be done ...

Transcribing season is only a few weeks away ... Toronto Branch OGS also
need volunteers to help finish St. James's. Basically working one or two
days a week, with 4 or 6 of us, it takes on average 4 - 6 years to finish
one of these Toronto cemeteries, and that is quite the commitment to
undertake (no pun intended, well maybe - LOL!).

Just a reminder that Toronto has at least 5 cemeteries which are bigger than
the population of many current Ontario cities! Mount Pleasant cemetery has
about 200,000 alone!

As an aside I happen to have a personal transcript of about 5,500 tombstones
(perhaps representing 25,000 to 30,000 individuals) located in Mount
Pleasant, but can not offer to do free look ups - sorry.

Hope that this helps motivate some of you to get out and contact your local
branch of the OGS to help record some of these cemeteries. Many of the
transcriptions previously done 20 and 30 years ago also need to be re-done!

Get out those clip boards, those shovels, those probes and those digital
cameras - and go in participate with the OGS ... www.ogs.on.ca

J. Brian Gilchrist,
1969 - 2004: 35 years of researching at The Archives of Ontario
Genealogical and Archival research analyst,
Box 74503, 270 The Kingsway,
ETOBICOKE, Ontario M9A 5E2

"I have the reputation of being fearless and decided, and whether correct or
not, it saves me much trouble." - written by the Honourable and Right
Reverend John Strachan, 1st Anglican Bishop of Toronto in 1846.

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From: "Frances Bishop" <>
To: <>
Sent: 2004 Feb 29 3:58 PM
Subject: [ON-CEM] Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto

> Are inscriptions available in any form for Mount Pleasant Cemetery in
> Thanks and best wishes,
> Frances Bishop
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