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From: "Steve Marshall" <>
Subject: [ONT] Marriages - Toronto 1890
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 16:08:40 -0500

Some more marriages - to go online at:


format - Registration No.; County; Groom; age; birthplace; residence;

status, occupation; his parents; bride; age; birthplace; residence; her

parents; witnesses; marriage date and place.

Ontario Birth Registrations - full transcriptions


November 19th, 2003 - Today's postings were taken from the following counties/districts - Mara Twp ONTARIO (1882), TORONTO (1906) & ELLIOT(T) surname - TORONTO & YORK CO (1872-1882).

TORONTO - 1890

#013922-90 Walter Norris BRAYBOW (or Braybon), 24, England, Toronto, b, plumber, s/o Thomas F. & Mary BRAYBOW, married Charlotte CRESSELL, 25, England, Toronto, s, d/o Joseph & Jane CRESSELL, witn: Joseph CRESSELL, Elizabeth CRESSELL, both Toronto, married 11 February 1890

#013923-90 William NORRIS, 22, Canada, Toronto, b, labourer, s/o William & Augusta NORRIS, married Elizabeth STAINSBY (or Stamsby), 18, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o William & Elizabeth STAINSBY, witn: Augusta NORRIS, Newman PLANT, both Toronto, married 22 January 1890

#013924-90 Maurice DALTON, 24, Canada, Toronto, b, labourer, s/o Edward & Bridget DALTTON (or Datton??), married Rosie LENNOX, 24, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o George & Rose LENNOX, witn: William LENNOX, Nellie DALTON, both Toronto, married 10 February 1890 (Church of Rome)

#013925-90 Clifford Thomas CHADWICK, 20, England, Toronto, b, coachman, s/o Thomas & Emma CHADWICK, married Margaret KELLY, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s, d/o Jno & Annie KELLY, witn: Thomas KELLY, Annie KELLY, both Toronto, married 15 January 1890 (Cath)

#013926-90 Cullen Ardley Arthur Le BAR, 19, Port Perry, Toronto, b, groom, s/o Edward & Elizabeth Le BAR, married Esther Jane CLARK, 19, Angus Ont, Toronto, s, d/o James A. & Esther CLARK, married Alfred BREHARDSON, Rosetta Le BAR, both Toronto, married 12 February 1890

#013927-90 Samuel W.D. JARVIS, 25, England, Toronto, b, policeman, s/o Samuel & Caroline JARVIS, married Sarah McGILLVARY, 24, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o Hugh & Ann McGILLVARY, witn: Alfred JARVIS, Susan McGILLVARY, both Toronto, married 12 February 1890

#013916-90 Charles KEELER, 24, Canada, Toronto, b, teamster, s/o Charles & Sarah Ann KEELER, married Martha WATSON, 19, England, Toronto, s, d/o John & Mary WATSON, witn; Henry SNELL, Laura Ellen JAMES, both Toronto, married 5 February 1890

#013917-90 Henry SNELL, 20, England, Toronto, b, groom, s/o George & Emma SNELL, married Laura Ellen JAMES, 24, England, Toronto, s, d/o William & Harriet JAMES, witn: Charles KEELER, Martha WATSON, both Toronto, married 5 February 1890

#013918-90 Wm. Henry CUDMORE, 22, York Co, Milton, b, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth CUDMORE, married Elizabeth Rebecca CLARY, 20, Thornhill, Toronto, s, d/o James & Margaret CLARY, witn: Annie McLAUGHLIN of Woodstock, George CUDMORE of Milton, married 4 February 1890

#013919-90 Wm. BROWNLEE, 30, Ireland, Toronto, b, blacksmith, s/o Henry & Elizabeth BROWNLEE, married Mary TROUTTON, 29, Ireland, Toronto, widow, d/o Wm & Jane HOLMES, witn: Sarah SHAW, Wm. James ALBIN, both Toronot, married 6 February 1890

#013920-90 Isaac COOPER, 49, England, Toronto, widower, merchant, s/o George & Jemima COOPER, married Emma Pollard BARTON, 38, Canada, Toronto, widow, d/o Abraham & Harriett FRANCIS, witn; George W. GROSE, Frederick COOPER, both Toronto, married 13 February 1890

#013921-90 Arthur REEVES, 22, Canada, Toronto, b, teamster, s/o Charles & Susan REEVES, married Mary KEELOR, 21, England, Toronto, s, d/o James & Mary KEELOR, witn: Matthew Charles BR (cut off), Clara BROOMHEAD?, both Toronto, married 11 February 1890

#013922-90 James Alexander GRANT, 32, Ottawa, same, b, Physician, s/o Sir Jas. A. & Lady Maria GRANT, married Lucie Elizabeth MACDONALD, 28, Toronto, same, s, d/o Hon. John & Annie MACDONALD, witn: Harry GRANT MD of Buffalo, Winnifred J. MACDONALD of Toronto, married 3 December 1889

#013923-90 Charles C. COTTRELL, 26, Breslan Ont, Toronto, b, clerk, s/o George & Hannah COTTRELL, married Thomas A. WALKER, 23, Hamilton Ont, Toronto, s, d/o Daniel & Eliza WALKER, witn; Bessie SMITH, Hannah LOUGHEED, both Toronto, married 14 December 1889

#013924-90 Arthur GOODBY, 36, Leeds Eng, Toronto, widower, traveler, s/o John & Jane GOODBY, married Annie M. CROWN, 34, Toronto, same, s, d/o William & Mary CROWN, witn: Wm. J. CROWN of Toronto, Annie MACDONALD of Thorold, married 4 December 1889

#013925-90 John Henry WHISTLETON, 37, New York State, Toronto, widower, builder, s/o Samuel & Sarah WHISTLETON, married Charlotte KINSMAN, 29, Toronto, same, s, d/o Daniel & Christiana KINSMAN, witn: Mary A. DINL?, Walter D. KINSMAN, both Toronto, married 12 August 1889

#013926-90 Mauling Birton LEE, 22, Co Northumberland, Chicago Ill, b, merchant, s/o Andrew & Esther LEE, married Edith SUTHERLAND, 23, London Ont, Toronto, s, d/o Alexander & Louisa SUTHERLAND, witn: Lillie WALKER, Charles SENIOR, both Toronto, married 13 August 1889

#013927-90 Christopher TAYLOR, 29, Toronto, same, b, labourer, s/o William & Eliza TAYLOR, married Emma PHILLIPS, 27, England, Toronto, widow, d/o William & Emma PHILLIPS, witn: Eliza PHILLIPS, James PHILLIPS, both Toronto, married 15 October 1889

#013904-90 Geo H. HALL, 45, England, Toronto, accountant, s/o Chas. H. & Jane HALL, married Elizabeth WOOD, 33, Canada, Toronto, d/o George & Margaret WOOD, witn; Wm. H. HALL of Toronto , Annie H. WOODS of Weston, married 6 February 1890

#013905-90 Charles MITCHELL, 25, England, Toronto, b, horse trader, s/o Jessie & Mary Ann MITCHELL, married Sarah MIDDLETON, 23, England, Village of Eglinton, s, d/o blank - but written in witness space is William MIDDLETON & Harriett MIDDLETON, married 25 January 1890

#013906-90 William Henry WAITE, 24, Hamilton Ont, Brooklyn NY USA, b, granary, s/o George & Fanny WAITE, married Jennie ARMOUR, 22, Ingersoll, Toronto, s, d/o David & Jane ARMOUR, witn: S.A. McINTYRE of Toronto, Myra WAITE of Brooklyn NY, married 8 January 1890

#013907-90 John COOPER, 31, Newfoundland, Toronto, b, carpenter, s/o William & Jane COOPER, married Ellen Amelia OAKLEY, 26, Newfoundland, Toronto, s, d/o Robert & Eliza OAKLEY, witn; Cator B. OAKLEY, Annie R. SPRACKLIN, both Toronto, married 5 October 1889

#013908-90 Joseph LAMBERT, 39, England, Toronto, widower, railway man, s/o John & Elizabeth LAMBERT, married Mary Ann ELLIOT, 40, England, Toronto, widow, d/o John & Jane EMERSON, witn: Mrs. M.R. WILD, Alice Maud ELLIOT, married 10 February 1890 (S.Army)

#013909-90 Thomas BENSON (or BENNETT), 24, Staffordshire England, Scarboro York Co, b, builder, s/o Thomas & Ellen BENNE (cut off), married Annie McFADDE (cut off), 18, Osprey Co Grey, same, s, d/o Alexander & Emma McFADD (cut off), witn: Wesley BENSON, Annie BENSON, both Toronto, married 25 December 1889

(Hard to decipher groom's surname - could be Benson based on witnesses, though parents' surname is cut off and looks more like Bennett?)

#013763-90 Edwin Owen GALLAGHER, 29, Ireland, Toronto, b, confectioner, s/o Patrick & Eliza GALLAGHER, married Helena S. GARDSON, 35, Charlestown SC US, Toronto, s, d/o John George & Elizabeth GARDSON, witn; Thomas GALLAGHER, Sarah WEFFER? Both of Toronto, married 9 January 1890

#013764-90 Edward Albert POTTER, 21, Malton Ont, Toronto, b, upholsterer, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane POTTER, married Annie WHITEHEAD, 19, Manchester England, Toronto, s, d/o George & Mary WHITEHEAD, witn: Wm. Jas. POTTER, Sarah Jane HARPER, both Toronto, married 8 January 1890, 34 Cameron St.

#013765-90 Hannan? HERRINGTON, 26, Canada, Toronto, b, carpenter, s/o Simon & Rachel Maharey HERRINGTON, married Sarah McKEE, 21, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o Wm. & Rebecca McKEE, witn: Wm. DUNKLEY, Maggie McKEE, both Toronto, married 8 January 1890 St Ann's Church

#013766-90 Wm. H. BROWN, 21, Toronto, same, b, accountant, s/o Wm & Emily BROWN, married Gertrude MacKENZIE, 18, Toronto, same, s, d/o William & Margaret MacKENZIE, witn: J.W. SMITH, Arthur BROWN, both Toronto, married 7 June 1890

#013767-90 Walter BLACK, 25, Co Tyrone Ireland, Toronto, widower, harness maker, s/o James & Jane BLACK, married Anne McFARLANE, 27, Co Tyrone Ireland, Toronto, s, d/o William & Ann McFARLANE, witn: George McFARLANE, Mary Jane BLACK, both Toronto, married 8 January 1890

#013768-90 Syrinus Arthur McINTYRE, 24, Ottawa, Toronto, b, real estate agent, s/o John J. & Susan McINTYRE, married Myra Jane WAITE, 20, Hamilton Ont, Brooklyn NY, s, d/o George & Fanny WAITE, witn; M.B. McTAVISH, Maggie BONJUE?, both Toronto, married 8 January 1890

Steve Marshall


Ontario Birth Registrations - Full Transcriptions at:


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