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From: "Steve Marshall" <>
Subject: [ONT] Marriages - Toronto 1908
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 14:23:33 -0500

Some more marriages - to go online at:


format - Registration No.; County; Groom; age; birthplace; residence;

status, occupation; his parents; bride; age; birthplace; residence; her

parents; witnesses; marriage date and place.

Ontario Birth Registrations - full transcriptions


November 16th, 2003 - Today's postings were taken from the following counties/districts - Scott Twp ONTARIO (1904), Peel Twp WELLINGTON (1893) & Fenelon Falls VICTORIA (1893).

TORONTO - 1908

#003989-08 Hermann DILLMAN, 41, of Toronto, b, moulder, s/o Chas. DILLMAN & Honora MURPHY, married Mary Ethel McGRATH, 20, of Toronto, s, d/o Michael McGRATH & Mary McMAHON, witn; John SHEA, Margaret DILLMAN, both Toronto, married 9 November 1908 (RC)

#003990-08 Walter George REED, 21, of Toronto, b, harness maker, s/o James REED & Harriett SPINK, married Alice Beatrice Manetta HAWKINS, 23, of Toronto, s, d/o Thomas HAWKINS & Jane HODSON (or Hudson), witn: M.J. COLLINS, E. COLLINS, both Toronto, married 7 November 1908

#003991-08 Walter WATTS, 30, of Weston Ont, widower, polisher, s/o Thos WATTS & Mary A. WALMSLEY, married Mary Jane GARBUTT, 35, of Weston, s, d/o R. GARBUTT & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Edward GALBRAITH, Minnie WALMSLEY, both Toronto, married 9 November 1908

#003992-08 Thos Robt. LOWRY, 27, of Toronto, b, teamster, s/o Thomas LOWRY & Jane McILWAIN, married Alice BAINS, 23, of Toronto, s,d /o Joshua BAINS & Sarah HUGHES, witn: Thomas LOWRY, Minnie LOWRY, both Toronto, married 30 September 1908

#003993-08 Gordon Clement YEARSLEY, 22, of Toronto, b, shipper, s/o Robert A. YEARSLEY & Margaret TUEN?, married Alma Elizabeth WALKER, 23, of Toronto, s, d/o Thomas West WALKER & Elizabeth PATTERSON, with: Edna Wyatt WALKER, Mrs. C.A. CHALK, both Toronto, married 4 November 1908

#003994-08 William Thomas NUSSEY, 28, of Toronto, b, fireman CPR, s/o Geo. Wm NUSSEY & Margaret WARD, married Elsie FELL, 19, of Toronto, s, d/o John FELL & Jane FELL, witn: C.G.S. GRIFFITHS, Iney E. STINSON, both Toronto, married 29 October 1908

#003942-08 John Alexander RAMMAGE, 24, of Toronto, b, driver, s/o Alexander RAMMAGE & Margaret Jane BULLOCK, married Mildred WILLARD, 22, of Toronto, s, d/o Asa WILLARD & Annie DUNCAN, witn: George KYLE, Andrew Ewing KYLE, both Toronto, married 24 October 1908

#003943-08 Swinbourne FOSTER, 25, of Toronto, b, carpenter, s/o John Mark? FOSTER & Ellen BARLOW, married Alice Georgina BIGGS, 23, of Toronto, s, d/o George BIGGS & Agnes Alice GLAGNAR ?, witn: Agnes BIGGS, John George MOORE, both Toronto, married 28 October 1908

#003944-08 Horace HACKETT, 25, of Toronto, b, engineer, s/o John HACKETT & Sophia COX, married Emily ABBOTT, 18, of Toronto, s, d/o Thomas ABBOTT & Hepzibah GRAY, witn: John SHIELDS, Epsy SHIELDS, both Toronto, married 31 October 1908

(Espy is the nickname for Hepzibah)

#003945-08 Jos. Alex. SMITH, 23, of Port Credit, b, labourer, s/o Wm. H. SMITH & M.A. CHAMBERLAIN, married Ada May KENNEDY, 23, of Toronto, s, d/o Wm. J. KENNEDY & Mary KEAMAN, witn: Jean BAKER, A.N. SWANZEY, both Toronto, married 28 October 1908

#003946-08 Alexander NICOLL, 33, of Toronto, b, butcher, s/o Richard NICHOLL & Susan LARGE, married Edith Mary YEAXLEE, 32, of Toronto, s, d/o Sutton YEAXLEE & Emma NORRIS, witn: Jean BAKER, Margaret MORLEY, both Toronto, married 31 October 1908

#003947-08 Henry JILLARD, 34, of Toronto, b, bricklayer, s/o Frank JILLARD & Sarah TAYLOR, married Lyida GILKINSON, 32, of Toronto, widow, d/o George LEATHER & Ann CALLAGHAN, witn: Geo MINGRAUD & Adele MINGRAUD, both Toronto, married 12 October 1908

Steve Marshall


Ontario Birth Registrations - Full Transcriptions at:


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