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From: Gunson&Jones <>
Subject: [ONT] Toronto Newspapers 1952 #8
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 16:21:42 -0400

Hello List
I am going to type up the 'In Memoriam' but am just going to put names and
dates of death, and if there happens to be other genealogical information
in it, I'll type it too, otherwise I will be omiting things like the
poetry, etc.

Telegram, Friday, Feb. 15, 1952...Pg 24
In Memoriam

ALLEN, Maggie May (nee Ambrose), died February 15, 1950. Husband: Fred.

ARTHUR, Louise, died February 15, 1950.

BENNING, Frank, died February 15, 1950.

COLLIER, Angelina (Lena), died February 15, 1944.

COLLIER, George (Tom) (husband of above) died March 30, 1945. Daughters:
Vera & Frances.

CULLEN, Thos, died February 14, 1949. Wife: Mabel.

DERIVERS, Sarah Anne, February 15, 1951. Husband: Charles.

HAMPTON, Norman, died February 15, 1947.

LEGIER, Percy , died February 15, 1948.

LITTLE, Emily, died February 15, 1950. Son: Herb, daughter: Edna.

McKINLAY, Matilda, died February 15, 1948.

MICHEEL, Hilda, died February 15, 1951. Parents: James & Mary NURSE,
sisters: Mabell & Fay, brothers: Alfred and Arthur.

MAIDENS, Edna, died February 21, 1938. Parents sisters and brothers same
as above.

ROBINSON, Adeline, died February 15, 1940. Sister: Phoebe.

ROSS, Mary Jane, died February 15, 1950.

SMITH, Ethel, died February 15, 1945.

THOMSON, James Wood (Tommy), died February 15, 1950.

TROTTER, William T., died February 15, 1932.

VALLIERE, Nellie, died February 15, 1949.

WILSON, Hazlett, died February 15, 1941. Wife: Margaret. Daughters:
Margaret (Mrs. GAUL) & May (Mrs. COALTER). Son: Jim.

Active Service in Memoriams

ROBERTSON, Private Gordon E. (and his comrades) killed on active service,
February 15, 1945.

End of In Memoriams

Telegram, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1952...pg 15


Mr. George MACDIARMID announces the engagement of his sister, Edith
Gertrude, of Toronto, to Mr. William Harvey HARTLEY of New York City. The
wedding will take place at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church on Saturday,
February 9, at 3pm.

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. TRAFFORD announce the engagement of their daughter,
Catherine Lenore, to Thomas BRUCE of Newfoundland. The marriage will take
place the latter part of February in Toronto.

Same page
Bridal Event

Mrs. Charles Leonard DUBIN was married in the King Edward Hotel. She was
Anne Ruth LEVINE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LEVINE, and her husband
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry DUBIN. (There is a lovely photo of the
bride with this notice. If these names are of interest to anyone, I would
be more than happy to photocopy and send).

Toronto Daily Star, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1952

Weddings...pg 24

Beth Sholom synagogue was the scene of the marriage of Shirley MANDEL,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. MANDEL, and Sanford BROOKS, son of Mr. and Mrs.
I. BROOKS, Buffalo, N.Y. (There is more information with this announcement,
if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll send them the rest).

In an afternoon ceremony in St. John's Norway Anglican church, Edna Myrtle
PLANT became the bride of Andrew Muir WATSON. (There is more information
with this announcement, if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll send
them the rest).

More to come

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