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From: "Heather Bertram" <>
Subject: [ONT] 1895 Marriages, Simcoe County, Tiny 2
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 14:41:39 -0400

Some more marriages - to go on line at:

Format - Registration No.; County; Groom; age; birthplace; residence;
occupation; his parents; bride; age; birthplace; residence; her
parents; witnesses; marriage date and place.

010868-95 (Simcoe County) Telesphore MARCHAND, 25, Lafontaine, same,
Farmer, s/o Zephirin MARCHAND & Marguarete DUSOME, married Druscilla
ROBITALLIE, 25, Lafontaine, same, d/o Ailas ROBITAILLE & Juli MICHEL, wtn:
Ths BRINELLE & Elordia ROBITAILLE, both of Tiny, on July 9, 1895, at

010867-95 (Simcoe County) Joseph ROBITAILLE, 27, Lafontaine, same, Farmer,
s/o Alias ROBITAILLE & Juli MICHEL, married Josephine MARCHAND, 21,
Lafontaine, same, d/o Zephirin MARCHAND & Marguarete DUSOME, wtn: Ths
MUARICE & Louise BRUNELLE, on May 28, 1895, at Lafontaine

010868-95 (Simcoe County) Clement MARCHILDON, 26, Lafontaine, same, Farmer,
s/o H.H. MARCHILDON & Olive DEPHIN, married Josephine BEAUDVIN, 24,
Lafontaine, same, d/o Alexander BEAUDVIN & Celina BRUNELLE, wtn: Ths
BRUNELLE & Deleane BOYER, on May 26, 1895, at Lafontaine

010859-95 (Simcoe County) Napoleon DUBEAU, 25, Tiny, same, Farmer, s/o J.B.
DUBEAU & Christine DAULT, married Amanda MAHEU, 22, Lindsay, Tiny, d/o Louis
MAHEU & Philomine COURTEMANCHE, wtn: A. MAHEU & Alizivia THIMOTHIE, both of
Tiny, on October 13, 1895, at St. Patrick Tiny

010860-95 (Simcoe County) Alceine BRUNELLE, 29, Lafontaine, same, Farmer,
s/o Louis BRUNELLE & Jane DUSOME, married Lydie DESROCHES, 19, Lafontaine,
same, d/o Hornore DESROCHES & Philomine DAULT, wtn: Ths BRUNELLE & Louise
BRUNELLE, at Tiny, on October 29, 1895, at Lafontaine

010861-95 (Simcoe County) Joseph DESROCHES, 24, Lafontaine, same, Farmer,
s/o Adalphe DESROCHES & Eliz LANGDIN, married Delina GRENIER, 19, Tiny,
same, d/o Mric GRENIER & Eloize ROY, wtn: Frank GRENIE & Josephine
DESROCHES, both of Tiny, on October 13, 1895, at St. Patrick Tiny

010862-95 (Simcoe County) Theodre BOURGOIS, 24, Quebec, St. Patrick Tiny,
Farmer, s/o Louis BOURGOIS & Delphine PELLERIN, married Delina MARCHAND, 19,
Lafontaine, same, d/o Louis MARCHND & Diana BEAUDOINE, wtn: Joseph MARCOTTE
& Zelia MARCHARD, both of Tiny, on October 21, 1895, at Lafontaine

010863-95 (Simcoe County) Thos LACOURSE, 25, Lafontaine, same, Farmer, s/o
William LACOURSE & Mary Ann VERDY, married Virginia DAULT, 19, Montreal, St.
Patrick Tiny, d/o Emery DAULT & Donalda DUBEAU, wtn: Thelesphore BRASSEUR &
Stephanie DAULT, both of Tiny, on September 30, 1895, at St. Patrick Tiny

010864-95 (Simcoe County) Thos BAKER, 34, York Co, Lafontaine, Farmer, s/o
Jacob BAKER & Catharine BRAZIL, married Adile PAUZE, 20, Muskoka Mills,
Lafontaine, d/o Emmanuel PAUZE & Adeline MORIN wtn: A??? PAUZE & ????
GROZELLE, both of Tiny, on September 17, 1895, at Lafontaine

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