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From: "Heather Bertram" <>
Subject: [ONT] 1879 Marriages, Simcoe county, Orillia 1
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 13:55:59 -0400

Some more marriages - to go on line at:

Format - Registration No.; County; Groom; age; birthplace; residence;
occupation; his parents; bride; age; birthplace; residence; her
parents; witnesses; marriage date and place.

009814-79 (Simcoe County) Edward SARGENT, 24, Holland twp, Farmer, s/o John
& Mary Ann SARGENT, married Mary Ann BOWERS, 30, Orillia, Morison, d/o
Michael & Elizabeth, BOWERS, wtn: William PETER of North Orillia & Kate
BOWERS of Morison, on January 1, 1879, at Morison

009815-79 (Simcoe County) William Nelson CLARKE, 25, Townsend, Rama,
Lumberman, s/o James & Mary CLARKE, married Mary Catherine BARNHART, 25,
East Gwillumbury, Oro, d/o John & Mary BARNHART, wtn; John L. BARNHART of
Oro & Mary C. CLARKE of Rama, on January 1, 1879, at Orillia

009816-79 (Simcoe County) George Henry McFARLAND, 20, Coldwater, Orillia,
Farmer, s/o John & Harriet Matilda McFARLAND, married Fanny HOY, 20, Quebec,
Orillia, d/o John & Mary Ann HOY, wtn: William MAINARD & Mary can’t read,
both of Orillia, on January 1, 1879, at Robert Hoy’s residence Orillia

009817-79 (Simcoe County) Frederick B. HARVEY, 25, Barton, same, Farmer,
s/o James & Maria C. HARVEY, married Rose PERKINS, 25, Louisville US,
Orillia, d/o Thomas & Fanny PERKINS, wtn: Charles C. HARVEY of Barton & Kate
PERKINS of Orillia, on January 7, 1879, at Orillia

009818-79 (Simcoe County) William George WARD, 22, London England, cant
read, Farmer, s/o George WARD & Mary Ann WARD, married Sarah Ann DEVERELL,
18, Carden, same, d/o Joseph & Margaret DEVERELL, wtn: Rev’d Wm LAMBERT &
Margaret TRESS?DDER both of Orillia, on January 14, 1879, at the Baptist
parsonage Orillia

009819-79 (Simcoe County) Wm McEWAN, 30, Toronto, Orillia, Farmer, s/o
Donald & Margaret McEWAN, married Rhoda DUNSMORE, 28, Oro, Orillia, d/o John
& Celia DUNSMORE, wtn: Charles STAPLETON & Mary DOW both of Orillia, on
December 30, 1878, at Orilla

09820-79 (Simcoe County) Henry SMITH, 26, Ohio US, Coldwater, Farmer, s/o
John & Mary SMITH, married Josephine RYAN, 20, Chicago US, Coldwater, d/o
James & Eliza RYAN, wtn: Sophia MUSKLE & Mary MULOCK, both of Orillia, on
January 23, 1879, at Orillia

09821-79 (Simcoe County) Alexander MACKENZIE, 35, Whitchurch, Bracebridge,
Farmer, s/o Alexander & Rebecca MACKENZIE, married Mary HARD, 25, Uxbridge,
Bracebridge, d/o William & Sarah HARD, wtn: Mary DYKER & B.G. LEASK both of
Orillia, on March 28, 1879, at the Manse Orillia

09822-79 (Simcoe County) William Alexander FUMBLE, 27, Canada, North
Orillia, Farmer, s/o William & Annie FUMBLE, married Mary Elizabeth JACQUES,
21, Canada, North Orillia, d/o George & Jane JACQUES, wtn: Wesley MOORE &
Jane WHITWORTH, both of Orillia, on April 9, 1879, at Orillia

09823-79 (Simcoe County) Andrew BUSH, 22, Canada, Ryde, Farmer, s/o John
William & Amelia BUSH, married Alice BERRY, 21, City of New York, US, not
parents given, wtn; Malcolm CAMPBELL & Mary McG???N, both of Orillia, on
February 23, 1879, at Orillia

09824-79 (Simcoe County) George LIDSTONE, 23, England, Medonte, Farmer, s/o
John & Emily LIDSTONE, married Margretta BAKER, 18, Canada, Medonte, d/o
Joseph & Margretta BAKER, wtn: Joseph ELLMERE of Oro & Rebecca BAKER of
Medonte, on January 26, 1879, at Orillia

09825-79 (Simcoe County) Edmond COTTERALL, 41, England, Orillia, Mason,
Widowed, s/o Joseph & Mary COTTERALL, MARRIED Annie Augusta VICK, 25,
Markham, Orillia, d/o William & Elizabeth VICK, wtn: Nellie & Louisa
COTTERALL, on April 21, 1879, at The Baptist parsonage Orillia

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