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From: "Joan Hunter/Simon Reeve" <>
Subject: Re: [ONT] Tip for those researching the www.familysearch.org site
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 22:29:49 -0400
References: <000701c304ef$519f6000$8c9dcecd@ab.hsia.telus.net>

Another hint for you to possibly find those elusive christenings.
Sometimes multiple films were recorded with batch nos. in consecutive order.
So try changing the last number to the next or previous in line e.g. your
C111102...try C111101 or C111103. Sometimes the number bears no resemblance
to the others, so try to find a site that lists batch numbers for your area.
Also, don't ignore those batch nos. that start with the letter P. They are
also from parish records. Be wary of those with A or F (submitted by LDS
Another search hint....try putting just the last name of your ancestors
Happy hunting,
Joan Hunter
Essex, Ontario

> Well try this:
> First of all you MUST have found an ancestor's record on the IGI and it
> MUST BE from a Parish Record - NOT information someone has
> submitted.
> A GENUINE Parish Record extraction will have an upper case M or C
> preceding a number in the Batch Number section of the Source
> Information on the IGI record. No M or C?? You need not read any
> further, as the record has been submitted by someone instead...........

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