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From: "Nat Sharpe" <>
Subject: Re: [ONT] Tip for those researching the www.familysearch.org site
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 12:19:18 -0500

Thanks for the tip! It really helps.


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From: Gary Boivin
Date: Thursday, April 17, 2003 09:45:18 AM
Subject: [ONT] Tip for those researching the www.familysearch.org site

A good tip I found on the LALONDE List

A little hint you may find very useful, courtesy of the Executive
Officer, Heather Garnsey, at the Society of Australian Genealogists in
Sydney, NSW!!

Many of us are familiar with the
www.familysearch.org site and its online searches, but you may not know
of the ability to search via batch number using the
International Genealogical Index.

Have you ever found an ancestor on film, ordered the film, then searched
and searched through it looking for other members of the
family?? Really hard work, especially if the eye sight is not too good!

Well try this:
First of all you MUST have found an ancestor's record on the IGI and it
MUST BE from a Parish Record - NOT information someone has
A GENUINE Parish Record extraction will have an upper case M or C
preceding a number in the Batch Number section of the Source
Information on the IGI record. No M or C?? You need not read any
further, as the record has been submitted by someone instead.

Select "International Genealogical Index" from the left hand panel.
Select "British Isles" (for example) from the region section, and type
in the Batch Number from your ancestors sheet.

NOTE: you DO NOT put in their name - if you do you only get their
By just selecting the region, and adding the batch number, and selecting
Search, you will bring up everyone on the IGI who has been
extracted from that specific parish register!!

An example I just tried:
Batch number M111102, British Isles, (taken from the sheet recording my
GGG grandparents marriage) displays the other 1120
marriages recorded on the film from the Duirinish Parish, Inverness,
Scotland - so you need not go blind looking for marriages of your
ancestor's relatives!!

By following the same procedures, BUT CHANGING the upper case M to a C -
eg for the above: C111102, brings up 2430
Christenings/Births in the Duirinish Parish!!

I spent HOURS looking through this film for the christenings/ births of
my ggg grandparents' children - but NO luck - so I got excited this
morning - BUT no luck again - so perhaps their children were not

And a final word: look through very carefully - spelling variations and
alphabetical order are problems!!
For example McNEILL comes AFTER such names as McPHEE, McQUIN, MORRISON
and MUNROE!!!

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