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From: sjmarsh <>
Subject: [ONT] Marriages - more Toronto 1895
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 10:08:49 -0400

Some more marriages - to go online at:

format - Registration No.; County; Groom; age; birthplace; residence;
status, occupation; his parents; bride; age; birthplace; residence; her
parents; witnesses; marriage date and place.

Ontario Birth Registrations - full transcriptions

#015316-95 (Toronto) James BRYDSON, 26, Kircudbright Scotland, 15 McCaul St
Toronto, b, blacksmith, s/o James & Sarah BRYDSON, married Mary CHRISTIE,
25, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, s, d/o James & Margaret, witn; W. BRYDSON of
Swansea Ont, Margaret DALEY of Toronto, married 13 September 1895

#015317-95 (Toronto) Richard ARNOTT, 24, Belleville, same, b, laborer, s/o
James & Marion, married Lizzie BIRD, 24, Belleville, same, s, d/o William &
Sarah, witn; Alvin L. GADSBY, Alice Maud HINDS, both Toronto, married 14
September 1895

#015318-95 (Toronto) George WALLESCROFT, 53, Bunklow England, Hamilton Ont,
b, blacksmith, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Rebecca WINTERS, 53, Millgreen
England, Hamilton Ont, s, d/o William & Mary, witn: W.R. PROUSE, Mrs.
REEVES, both Toronto, married 21 November 1895

#015319-95 (Toronto) George Alex. TAYLOR, 23, Oakville, Bronte, b, basket
maker, s/o Charles & Ellen TAYLOR, married Emma Hannah OSBORNE, 20, Bronte
Ont, same, s, d/o Robert & Carrie OSBORNE, witn: W.J. DUNCAN of Toronto,
Florence M. AODLEY of San Francisco USA, married 13 September 1895

#015320-95 (Toronto) Charles V. MUTART, 22, Chicago USA, 246 Simcoe St
Toronto, b, operator, s/o Andrew & Alice MUTART, married Augusta FLEMING,
21, Lexington Kentucky USA, 246 Simcoe St Toronto, s, d/o William &
Elizabeth FLEMING, witn; W.J. DUNCAN, Jennie POWELL, both Toronto, married
27 August 1895

#015321-95 (Toronto) Charles A. STANNARD, 24, Detroit USA, Lock Port NY, b,
carriage maker, s/o William & Eliza STANNARD, married Emma Eliz. BOWER, 31,
Lock Port NY, same, widow, d/o Clarence & Caroline BLOSIER, witn: George
HARRIS of Belleville, Effie GAY of Belleville, married 11 September 1895

#014983-95 (Toronto) James PLUMB, 24, London England, Toronto, b,
Galvanized Iron Worker, s/o George & Mary PLUMB, married Eliza Lavinia
PULLEN, 20, Bath England, Toronto, s, d/o Albert & Eliza PULLEN, witn: W.H.
BROOKS, R. BROOKS, both Toronto, married 10 July 1895

#014984-95 (Toronto) Frederick George PROUT, 24, Bowmanville Ont, Malden
Mass USA, b, Electrical Expert, s/o Mark James & Martha PROUT, married
Laura Jane YARNOLD, no age given, Whitby, Toronto, s, d /o Robert John &
Jane YARNOLD, witn: Ellen? TOTTEN of Lindsay, Ida FRANCIS of Crowns
Corners, married 10 July 1895

#014985-95 (Toronto) Moses Clement JORDAN, 32, Ireland, Toronto, b,
labourer, s/o James & Eliza JORDAN, married Bridget CAMPBELL, 21, Ireland,
Toronto, s, d/o John & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn; Geo. S. POWELL, Jennie POWELL,
both Toronto, married 3 July 1895

#014986-95 (Toronto) Ernest Francis COLLINS, 24, Winchester England, 2
Pembroke St Toronto, b, gardener, s/o Charles & Mary COLLINS, married Mary
STEVENS, 23, Hampshire England, Toronto, s, d/o John & Jane STEVENS, witn:
Geo. H. COLLINS, Emily COLLINS, both Toronto, married 2 July 1895

#014987-95 (Toronto) Lionel Edward Toley HODGES, 30, Worchester England,
Highland Creek York Co, b, farmer & cattle buyer, s/o Joseph Henry HODGES &
Lucy DuCarle HODGES, married Frances Euphemia SMITH, 30, Peterborough Ont,
Highland Creek, s, d/o Ralph & Mary Ann SMITH, witn: G. MATHESON, Philip
TOWLER (or Fowler), both Toornot, married 27 June 1895

#014988-95 (Toronto) Henry Field BLACKWELL, 30, Long Island NY, same, b,
insurance Inspector, s/o Henry Field & Annie BLACKWELL, married Alice Maude
KANE, 22, Toronto, same, s, d/o Charles Edward COLLIER & Jennie McMurrish
COLLIER, witn: Thomas D. ANDERSON of Bloomfield NJ, Gertrude L. TEMPLE of
Toronto, married 26 June 1895
(Note bride is listed as single)

Steve Marshall
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