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From: "pmcgr" <>
Subject: Re: [ONT] re: Civil Registrations corrections
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 18:34:59 -0500
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Watching and enjoying this thread prompts me to ask a question. (I think I
know the answer, but...)

Is it possible on civil registrations that have been changed, to find out
what was changed and what was originally there?

The son of my gg grandmother's sister changed his birth registration in
1934. He was born in 1874. By the differences in writing on the birth
registration, it looks like he altered his name to include a middle name
which was the surname of an uncle he likely had never met. There is an
almost unreadable fine print stamp at the bottom of the registration form
which he has initialled and dated. He was a bit of a black sheep and I never
have been able to figure out for sure what he changed and why. Any comments?

Patty in Ottawa
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Subject: [ONT] re: Civil Registrations corrections

> The "official" corrections which I see in the registers have usually been
> made during the lifetime of the person involved, or by an immediate family
> member after the death of the party concerned. I have not seen any
> corrections made due to genealogical research of later generations.

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