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From: "Lorine McGinnis Schulze" <>
Subject: Re: [ONT] African American with Green for Surname in Ontario, Simcoe North
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 06:42:29 -0500
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On 3 Nov 2002 at 23:27, wrote:

> I have found and printed his attestation papers on the
> internet, but nothing else, I don't know if he died during
> WW1 or what. His parents were born somewhere in the US. His
> mother was born aroung 1843.


The attestation papers you can view and print online at NAC are
only the first (and sometimes the last) page of his entire
file. To obtain the **complete** set of his records from WW1,
you have to order by snail mail or by fax. You can' t order
online, as there is a small fee involved (I think it is 20
cents per page)

It is well worth the small cost, for often these files have
dozens of pages, including records of when the soldier left
Canada, on what ship, where he fought, if he was wounded, if he
was in trouble with his superiors, his medical records, his pay
book transactions and his discharge papers (date of discharge,
why, name of person medals being sent to if any, etc)

To find your WW1 ancestor (or any military ancestor) go to
Canadian Military Heritage Project at

Select WW1, then Find Your Ancestor.

You will see a list of NAC film numbers, resources etc, then
you can click on the link to the NAC page (unless you already
have it bookmarked) and order the records. It's very easy, and
they arrive fairly quickly. I have sent for dozens of files for
soldiers in WW1 and they range from 3 pages to 30 or more.

You will also find links on CMHP to search the Virtual War
Memorial (if your man died in WW1 he will be there) The
Canadian Virtual War Memorial is an online searchable database
of all soldiers killed in the First and Second World War. The
Commonwealth War Graves Commission assisted in making these
records available to Veteran's Affairs Canada. When searching
this, just put GREEN and his first initial D, don't put his
complete first name. If you get more than one man with the name
who looks like a possibility check his Service Number. (is it
the same as your David's attestation front page paper?)644772

I also have a link to the Books of Remembrance (for soldiers
killed in wars) and more.

These links and film numbers are all on the page I set up with
info as to how to search using NAC resources for any Canadian
military ancestor. The direct link is

Don't miss the WW 1 section though :-)

Also, I noticed that he was born in Collingwood in 1869 so you
can obtain his birth registration from the Ontario Archives (if
his parents registered him). See
http://olivetreegenealogy.com/can/ont/vs.shtml for details and
instructions how to do this if you aren't familiar with the


Lorine McGinnis Schulze
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